Sunday, 27 December 2009

Kevin Spacey

Ok one good thing about Christmas TV being so mind numbing is that you can spend hours at a time on your laptop, by the fire of course, trailing the internet for other mind numbing stuff but finding gems like this one. I sure do love a man who can do impressions and Kevin Spacey is THE man...ok Jim Carrey is pretty good too...but back to Kevin now! I do have a bit of crush on him I have to say, don't really know what it is because I haven't seen a lot of the movies he's been in but there is just something about him I find really intriguing and captivating. Effortlessly cool, extremely charismatic, funny, talented and smart with just the right touch of enigmatic about him...the man is just interesting ok! I love this clip, shame the quality goes a bit wrong towards the end but check out the Cristopher Walken impression, another living legend - apparently he and his wife have agreed that KS is the best CW impersonator! Kevin Spacey phoooooowar!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Banana Watches

Julian Casablancas' 11th Dimension...I was wondering if I was ever going to see a video for this and finally just in time for Christmas! If you haven't already got the album ask Santa for that last minute stocking filler and if you ask nicely enough you might just get it...or you could just buy it yourself...either way it's definitely worth it! Happy Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Vol De Jour

Oooh La La...
When Mr. Chanel himself appoints you as their new muse you know you're definitely going places. Baptiste Giabiconi and fashion powerhouse Karl Lagerfeld are apparently inseparable - so much so that they're known in fashion circles as Kartiste, ain't that cute!!, it sort of works - since the young model was spotted in a French Vogue editorial wearing only a Chanel cardigan and a pair of heels. The last 12 months have seen Giabiconi featured heavily in pretty much every Lagerfeld project including this short black and white film , but of course, promoting the pre-Spring 2010 Chanel collection. Featuring another model of the moment miss Lara Stone, the film depicts the pretty young things as designer clad thieves running into a succesion of Parisian Chanel boutiques escaping with an array of fabulous garments. One can only dream! Oh and did I mention this is all happening in black and white....with an amazing soundtrack too?! Oh ok...
Fashion designer, photographer and now director too...I'd love to witness a day in the life of this man.

Monday, 21 December 2009


Managed to catch up on some TV times with Jonathan Ross and had to post this video of Rihanna simply for those amazing shoulder pads. That is one super funky dress my friend by Alexandre Vauthier and who'd be surprised these days to hear that she's the muse of some fashion house or other when she always manages to look absolutely stunning. Ok, no doubt she's got her "team" behind the whole "look" business but she knows how to work it and even though she hits some flat notes here and there throughout the performance I am prepared to forgive because those statement shoulders are indeed worship worthy and I'm sure even the mighty Roisin Murphy would approve.

Banana Watches...

500 Day of Summer...finally I've been able to watch this movie, been meaning to since September or thereabouts. Ok verdict?! I have to watch again....Why?! well...don't get me wrong the acting is great, dare I say even the two leading actors, Deschanel and Levitt slightly underused because the script/dialogue isn't always that strong. Some comedy moments are so predictable at times that it feels almost pointless to waste your energy reacting to them but there are more good bits about this film that in the end make this a must see movie.
For me, number one is Joseph Gordon Levitt, the thinking woman's eye candy. I saw him in Soho back in August when he was doing the promo for this film and I almost fainted...well that is a slight exaggeration on my part but I was genuinely struck to see him casually strolling down on Frith Street, I always sneak a peak at his IMDB page to see what he's doing, his latest projects cause you know we are on that level now...and to see him right in front of my eyes was the event of that week for me... and I swear I'm not imagining this but we definitely made eye contact...go ahead laugh all you want but I was there and you weren't...anywhoo back to this movie. Number two, Zooey Deschanel, the indie scene darling, so effortlessly cool, she shows up delivers the lines and she's great to watch; I wonder how she'll fair in some raw, emotional role, I'd like to see her in something like that because so far it's only pretty much been dry, witty dialogue delivered to pitch perfection nonetheless but still... The soundtrack is pretty cool too and includes some amazing tracks from all sorts of people, Regina Spektor, The Temper Trap, Carla Bruni, The Smiths, Feist and even Deschanel's own band, She & Him who are actually well worth checking out but the best thing about this movie I guess is that it is a sort of love story relevant to the times we live in and I guarantee there are lots of early to mid twenty somethings out there who will be able to relate to a lot of the things this movie touches upon. For me I guess the biggest subject is that of "soulmates" and the idea of fate behind key moments in our lives with long term ramifications. I've always held a romantic belief that when two people are truly meant to be with each other nothing will get in the way not even life...and I guess the fact that the movie challenges that concept to a certain extent made me a little upset and perhaps that's why I have mixed feelings about it. Cause that's how it works in Banana world, if you don't agree with me you're out baby! What I did like however was the end note that even for the biggest believers in fate/destiny there are also key moments in one's life where ultimately it does come down to the choices we make ; we create and are the masters of our own destiny as much as it just seems to happen to us,we just don't realize that most of the time. I'm definitely going to watch this again and I have a feeling that each time it will leave me with something new.

Banana Art

Still reeling from last night's sad news and as I was looking through the google photos today I just thought of doing a drawing of this pretty lady as some form of tribute or something like that...

Banana Listens to...

Paloma Faith...thank God I finally managed to get myself a Spotify account and have recently gone through new stuff like no one's business and since this young lady has been heavily featured on Radio 1 recently, naturally I was intrigued to find out more. Don't get me wrong I did hear about Paloma ages ago but reviews drawing comparison to Amy Winehouse made me reluctant to properly check her out at the time cause I'm a snob like that. 
Already established in the underground East London art world, Paloma's colorful background as a magician's assistant, trained dancer and burlesque show performer not to mention her acting credits - St. Trinian's, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus, Dread - make this young lady already that tiny bit special than your Duffys, Adeles and even Amys...because her theatrical flair which shines through on her debut Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful apparently for those who have witnessed her live shows leaves you open mouthed, is a breath of fresh air. Granted she does have the big hair and ostentatious tattoos a la Winehouse although not to the same full on extent, and her soul/jazz style vocals to remind you of Adele but there is something infinitely more magical - no pun intended there - about Paloma. Maybe it's her name, Spanish for Dove,  or crazy fashion sense or maybe we were all just ready for something new but her record is surprisingly mind blowing, with an amazing production value, that sees just the right amount of soul, jazz and  blues mixed together to offer you a super slice of orchestral pop! The question is are you hungry enough and ready to have your taste buds completely violated...
I look forward to seeing how far this lady can go, check out the video for current Radio 1 darling Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful and more of her stuff here:

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Brittany Murphy RIP

Well this is not the sort of news you'd be expecting on a Sunday evening...Brittany Murphy dies at oh man...this is some pretty crazy stuff right here! Murphy and Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, DJ AM, Boyzone singer Stephen Gately...2009 is now officially the shittiest year ever!

Winter Wonderland

And talking about Christmas, although I won't technically be spending it at home this year, I'll be there in spirit of course, I look forward to sharing happy Christmas holiday times with some very important and special people in the new house of dreams. Some quiet reflection will be thrown in there just for good measure and no doubt plenty of words of wisdom , bags of good advice and a new action plan for the year ahead. Oh what a year this has been, 2009 I have to say you've been a let down....things should not have turned out like this but life has a funny way of throwing some twists in there just to remind you that you can't have it all rosy all the doubt some very big lessons have been learned here and when the sadness will finally dissipate we'll hopefully be able to look back on these past couple of months and perhaps even share a smile about it all...because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and as long as you still have the people in your life who are able to love you unconditionally and forgive you when you're able to royally fuck up I guess not everything is lost and maybe just maybe more time should be spent appreciating what you have instead of crying over what you have lost. Time will heal all wounds and make us see things differently down the line....and who knows perhaps time will also bridge a gap and bring people together again...time will tell! For now let's hope for some more happiness in 2010 and that flights won't be canceled so I can get home and roll around in the glorious snow with lovely little Maria and that spastic dog Dolby. Yeeeeeeey

Banana Attends

Power Cut Christmas Victorian stylee...
So last night, somewhere in East London, we had a Power Cut Christmas celebration featuring unlimited amounts of mulled wine, mince pies, Ferrero Rocher, various savory snacks and some chocolate balls a la Nigella Lawson - they tasted pretty darn good considering they were made by a boy and not just an ordinary boy but a boy who last time I saw was wearing a genie outfit with a strategically placed "opening" for his crystal balls -... Since it was meant to be a power cut, there were plenty of candles about the place setting the mood nicely for that all important polite and mature conversation before you know...things got messy as they usually do. Why is it that when it comes to occasions like this one there will always be someone trying to start a random and unprovoked argument - overheard conversation went something like this :" Just because I like salsa it doesn't mean that I'm a pedophile!!! " erm ok then...moving on....oh and the bad, cringe worthy sing a long to Do They Know It's Christmas?, yes at some point in the night that song did come on and a drunken friend of a friend could be heard karaoke-ing to it...of course at this point in the evening I had already found a room to go to sleep in because that's just how I do - to be fair I was the youngest there and young ones always go to bed early right...right?! - ...I don't know what it is about these East London party times, they are a challenge but I think I'm starting to build some sort of reputation "The Girl who Falls Asleep at Parties" not a good look...but I guess it could be worse. Anywho, from what I hear it was a good night and witnessing the obscene amount of empty wine bottles scattered about the place this morning, it was no surprise to hear about some very sore heads too but Church Street provided that all important cure in the form of some pretty amazing Mediterranean style breakfast with fried haloumi, feta pastry, poached eggs, olives amongst other things...some crazy tea and generally all the goodness needed to make you feel human again. And with that stepping out into the bitter London cold didn't seem like such a crazy idea after all. Another weekend gone and Christmas fast approaching....

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Nowhere Boy

She's 42 he is 19...and they're getting married! No Fair!
He is also in a little movie called Nowhere Boy - which chronicles John Lennon's childhood years - and which the Lipsync posse has also worked on. Very proud of course!
Check out the trailer below, it has been well received by critics and audiences alike and it was also this year's BFI Festival closing film. 

Banana Art

Fresh out of the oven...

Friday, 18 December 2009

Baby Joy

Ok not mine but this pretty funky lady's...
Disco diva Roisin Murphy has given birth to a baby girl and has given her an equally oirish name Clodagh...aaaaawwww that's cute. I wonder if she'll inherit her mother's unusual sartorial taste...what am I saying of course she will in fact she'll probably start her own fashion blog aged just three or something ridiculous like that and have her own collection by the time she's five inspired of course by her mum's music and her dad's paintings...till then though, new mum won't have too much time to relax as she will soon start promoting her third, as of yet, untitled album which needless to say I am soooooo looking forward to hearing.
And here's a little reminder why even pregnant this lady never fails to impress.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Alice In Wonderland

Well looky what we have here....It's only the bloody trailer for Alice In Wonderland from visionary director Tim Burton. We always knew this was going to look absolutely mad. I posted the teaser a while ago but this is the full official trailer and it looks amazing. That and the fact that Johnny Depp is in it are two sure things to get me down to the cinema when the movie hits the screens.
You're invited to a very important date : 3/5/10...don't be late!

Yann Tiersen

I'm not really a soundtracky sort of person but there is one in particular I always carry with me and that's Yann Tiersen's work for Amelie which also happens to be one of my favourite movies. Anywhoo, I spotted this clip of him performing one of those beautiful songs on no less than six iphones...I mean the man is a musical genius anyways and I don't really know how/why he wanted to do this but it's pretty nice. 
I've thrown in the original version of the song, Comptine d'un autre ete : L'apres midi because it is an absolutely lovely song which deserves to be listened to and if you haven't seen Amelie yet you need to grab a copy right about....NOW!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Banana Gigs

Ok it's been a pretty hectic week as Christmas is fast approaching with the usual stress, chaos, last minute panic attacks you know the usual stuff... and I haven't had the chance to talk about the Depeche Mode gig I went to on Tuesday at the o2 Arena. Yes the godfathers of electronic rock stopped over in London briefly as they continue their Tour of The Universe and after a relative slow start to the evening which saw the band focusing on their latest release Sounds of the Universe the second half of the show however proved once again why these guys have still got it.
The band came on without much sense of ceremony simply walking on stage and waving to the crowd whilst Mr. Gahan chose to walk to the edge of the stage and take the most graceful bow I have ever seen from a man. And with that the night officially started. I was definitely looking forward to what Martin Gore would be wearing having previously witnessed some of his stage costumes and he didn't disappoint sporting a mighty glittery jacket and more eyeliner than even I would dare to rock but the man can definitely get away with it so who am I to comment right...but back to Tuesday's night proceedings, the band sounded absolutely amazing and even though I was slightly disappointed that the "show" wasn't as big as I would've imagined it, I'm talking about the lights, the visual effects, the whole razzmatazz baby...this was a band who for two hours did a job that any band of that calibre who'd have done which was to entertain.
One thing is for sure though, Depeche Mode wouldn't be that special without the Gahan/Gore partnership.When singing lead vocals the latter steals the show, you are literally gripped yet it never feels contrived in fact it's quite touching and his voice filled that arena ; at the same time, when Gahan takes over with Gore as backing vocals it's a beautiful thing to witness and who would've thought that a few months ago the man was diagnosed with bladder cancer and also had some throat issues. He sounded stronger than ever and for two hours he led the way and kept the crowd going.
And let's just take a moment and elaborate on the force of nature that is Dave Gahan...he comes on wearing black trousers and a waistcoat which at some point in the night he loses - to be fair it had gotten pretty hot in that arena -  sporting some pretty impressive body art and of course the ubiquitous eye liner, not to mention the lascivious dance moves which should've been banned in the 80s but at the same time had me pretty hypnotized at one's easy to forget the man is the same age as my dad!!!
Overall, it was a great show, perhaps seeing that it was mean to promote the latest album they didn't actually play that many songs from it focusing rather on the usual crowd pleasers but it was great to see them again, a band with so much history behind doubt when I'll be introducing my kids to their music I'll be able to say I went and saw them I did...
Here's a few clips from the night which I managed to find on good ol' YouTube. Enjoy!

Banana Watches

Ok it seems I'm sticking with some sort of theme here. The Partizan crew weren't named best production company for 2009 for no reason, according to Campaign magazine anyways and even though I don't really like the song which sees Mrs. Cole reunited with Will I Am, I had to give kudos to the video because it is quite clever and visually stunning. 
Directed by Saam Farahmand who's got an impressive catalogue of work by the way which you can check out on the Partizan website:

Maxim Zhestkov

When it comes to visual treats there's nothing I enjoy more than glitter and slow motion slick camera work...and then there's this...abstract animation accompanied by an amazing soundtrack. Beautifully enthralling work from the latest signing to uber cool production company Partizan, Maxim Zhestkov. This guy is so young it makes me sick so I'm not even going to mention his age but his work is a stuff of beaut.
Check out his impressive portfolio here:

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

MTV Know How To Do It

MTV know how to do a global rebrand and here's a few spots from their recent international campaign created by MTV WDS Milan in collaboration with Universal Everything.

MTV / Power x 1000% / Soundquake from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

Geraldine Georges

It's been a while since I've posted anything art related so today I'm taking the step...because this is the worship worthy work of Belgian artist Geraldine Georges. She likes to mix photography with illustration in her ongoing quest to represent the female form. 
Check out more of her stuff at: she's pretty amazing.

Monday, 14 December 2009


Here's a pretty indie boy who sounds a bit like that bloke from Kasabian. His name is Keith and here's his video. It's allright.

Party Times

Ok so last week we had our annual work do, reason to celebrate for some , reason to loathe post celebrating for others but still glad to have had some form of paid for entertainment to say thank you for your hard work during these past twelve months...We had a fancy dress themed party - movies that Lipsync worked on - and in true personal style I chose not to comply although as the hour drew closer I felt the peer pressure to at least show some sort of effort, so I got creative with some safety pins and some badges I got at that disastrous "Christian rock" gig last Wednesday...the irony is that my outfit was meant to represent a hardcore punk scenester from the good ol' days of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll starring Andy Serkis...
There were some really good costumes on the night to be fair, my favourite has to be Jonathan as a Spaceman, showing true dedication there, Julia as Juno from The Descent, Scott as Meryl Streep's character in Mamma Mia, I mean it was uncanny...Pete has to be given top marks for play on words, Cashback, get it get it?! Cash on his back....although it was Julia's idea really...oh dear....
Needless to say that after a relative slow start, the night got into full swing before things quickly degenerated into a messy, drunken whirl of silly dancing and unrequited love confessions making the next day tea making times in the kitchen reaaaaaaaly aaaaaaaawkward and only a few were left standing by the end of it. The good ones of course like me and Pete and Angela and John Stanley who had to go home sans lovely black coat - but got it back the next day, some drunken colleague went home with it don't you know - all in all it was a good night and we had fun the next day swapping stories about oh you know the usual, who went home with whom, who got sick in the know the pretty standard post work Xmas do tales...
And here's some evidence from the night. 
Happy Christmas everybody!
Doing ok still...
Crazy times with the Boss man...

The XX

Fast becoming one of my favourite bands and I haven't had one of those in a looooooong time but these young creative used-to-be-a-four-piece and now trio from South London have been keeping me company for the last couple of weeks and what can I say...I love them! Cool, atmospheric 80s, guitar driven and seductive boy/girl vocals, songs about interpersonal relationships delivered with such seriousness but sensitivity at the same time make this record truly special to say the least. Dressed all in black, sullen faces....I only wish these guys were around when I was a teenager. This is music best enjoyed with your eyes closed.
Favourite tracks include Islands, Infinity and Crystalised.

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Ok I'm sticking with the movie trailers only because I've seen this little action packed Hollywood treat with a very buff Paul Bettany....oh and check out the deceiving smiley granny at the beginning, she's nice right?!!
Still, it kinda looks exciting as far as Hollywood commercial blockbusters go...

Saturday, 12 December 2009

A Prophet

Well this looks promising...makes me think of Prison Break and how exciting it was to watch the first series before it all went downhill and you know....a bit gay and stupid! But I have a bit more faith in ze French filmakers cause they sure know how to make a thriller.
A Prophet, coming soon to a city near you.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Banana Watches...

This beautiful and haunting film by award winning director and motion designer EB Hu, titled Lucky. Perfect for another melancholy Friday.

Lucky from EB Hu on Vimeo.

Just Wow

The Christmas spirit is in full swing and whilst I'm preparing myself with a stiff upper lip for this year's celebrations or rather lack of, I have to say that this beautiful window display for Hermes by Tokujin Yoshioka made me forget even if for a brief moment, that this year's Christmas celebrations will definitely exhibit - for me anyways - some strong shades of blue...

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Banana Gigs

Ok they say never go food shopping on an empty stomach..did you know the same philosophy can be applied to many things like oh I don't know coming accross a certain band quite late at night, thinking that you like them an get all excited that they're playing the very next day at one of your favourite venues in town and oh my God doesn't that just mean something?! I totally got sucked my defense it was pretty late at night and my character is easily impressionable so that's obviously not a good mix, lesson learned moving on but the point of this post is...that I did spend £12.50 going to the ICA to watch Evermore thinking I'd come away satisfied in the knowledge that I've seen a cool, much hyped about band blah blah blah...instead I've come away quite traumatized or rather left wondering if I'd just witnessed a Christian Rock Extravaganza and slightly paranoid that I have been brainwashed during the whole thing, I mean what next a promise ring?! Oh no...I could've paid a fiver and go The Legion and yeah I would've probably left with the feeling that a family of elephants has just stampeded on my ears but Japanese rockers Bo Ningen would've been a much better investment judging by the reviews they've been getting. All is not lost though, they are London based and they always seem to play around East London so you know...but back to the cheese fest that was Evermore. I tell you what it was that impressed me...their grand synth lines, very Muse-ish that made my little ears sparkle with curiosity and the excellent drumming...I'm not afraid to give dues when they are you know due and to be fair to them they seem like a bunch of nice guys you know wholesome, good/accomplished musicians, the front man came out with a guitar that had a Tenori-on somehow incorporated in it - don't ask me to explain how - so brownie points for that...and when they do focus on being slightly edgier it really works, they manage to pull of a grand sound which is pretty impressive considering it's just the three of them. It's when they switch to shitty ballads like Girl with The World on Her Shoulder or some other tacky slow tempo crap you start thinking did I really pay to see this?! It's no surprise they are touring with Pink, the kids will no doubt love them and I did do a double take at the audience at one point just to check that I wasn't completely surrounded by braces clad 13 year olds - I don't want to come off all insensitive here because teenage years are tough I know, been there done that - and I wasn't but I still felt sad and empty...not even the free pack of nuts I got could compensate for the void that Evermore couldn't fill...what a shitter! Last time I was at the ICA it was for a Hudson gig and it was boooooom with an amazing atmosphere....last night at the half empty venue though it was definitely a bittersweet experience and a perfect reminder why I'll never EVER go and see Bon Jovi live. Evermore?! I'm sorry but Never Again....Ever!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Now here's a slightly more commercially aware music video from a band receiving lots of attention right now as they play support to Pink. Evermore they're called and they come from New Zealand, although now based in Melbourne, and they seem to have been around for some time although I for one have only just heard about them. Mixing the right amount of indie, electro and alternative rock these boys have developed the right formula for successful pop song that Top of the Pops and the like would've been proud to present. They're also playing tomorrow at the ICA....hhhhmmmm should I or shouldn't I...
Check them out kids:

Evermore - Hey Boys And Girls (International Version) from Scorpio Music on Vimeo.

These New Puritans

I sure do love it when music videos manage to be that little bit outside the conventional music industry machine "let's not alienate the kids" bracket and this particular one manages to be just that. Visually appealing from start to end, I have to say that at 7 minutes long it could've done with a bit more bite but hey that's life, sometimes we can't have it all hey!?! Pretty epic and haunting stuff though and delivered with great style to match an equally dark and broody song. Directed by Daniel Askill, don't really know that much about him but from what I've seen he likes his floaty, violent collision, slow motion stuff which means he gets free entry into my circle of trust. Check him out at:

Monday, 7 December 2009

Banana Art

Cause I just can't stop being creative right's some of my latest artwork. Enjoy!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Banana Discovers...

Sometimes I do find myself missing my heyday in retail and one thing I miss about the good ol' days of working at Topshop, well apart from the generous clothes discount so let's make that two things then...oh yeah the other thing is the seemingly random and obscure perhaps slightly snobby music play list accompanying our daily work routine. The amount of bands we would get tired and bored of before they would become a tiny blip on the music radar... aaaawww those are the days I miss...and because I am so melancholy I decided to have a little looky through the internet pages and see what cool tunes the people at Topshop are putting out there aaaaaaaaaand I managed to find these guys:
They are called Panama Kings, they hail from Northern Ireland and they have been going on for a while steadily building a following whilst doing support slots for the likes of YOUNG KNIVES ,UNDERTONES, BRITISH SEA POWER, DODGY and MALCOLM MIDDLETON. Listening to the few tracks they've got on their myspace page it's easy to imagine the sort of atmosphere that goes on when these guys play live and judging from the postings on their blog they've got the rock'n'roll hedonism all figured out. The songs have a certain complex feel about them mixing guitar, dance, techno, chaotic drumming and singer Niall's voice which sometimes sounds like he's in some sort of pain but nonetheless he continues to soldier on and deliver the goods. Pretty much all the tracks have an anthem quality about them, personal favorites include Toe The Party Line, the majestic Skeleton Key, Children and Golden Recruit. The band are officially heading into the studio at the end of this year to finish work on their album and I for one can't wait to hear it. If you were looking for a fresh sound or something new to shake those tired bones to look no further than these guys. Check them out at:

Friday, 4 December 2009


Not quite The Virgins...not quite MGMT...but most definitely British and most definitely pop albeit slightly unconventional considering that this is a band made out of five boys who play their own instruments and despite being impossibly good looking and dressed like they've just been groomed by a Topman style adviser, effortlessly manage to be waaaaaaaay cooler than The Kooks. Yeah I liked them too but when the second album came out it was pretty much over for me. Anywhoo, back to Rogues...the sharp haircuts and the skinny jeans are there just to remind us that this is after all indie pop we're talking about...the new wave synths are there, the frantic Duran Duran-esque bass lines are there, the falsetto harmonies are there...basically what we have here is a very happy cross-breed marriage between electro and indie guitar so let's hope Rogues continue to make the same catchy music for a while to come. Their Widows EP is out now on Friends vs Records and you can check more stuff on their myspace page: Check out their video for MerryGoRound directed by Unthank Film Production below, I think it's pretty amazing but what do you think?!

Banana Watches...

I was going to post an entirely different video but then I found this other one and absolutely loved it...for the 2:55 minutes there I was completely transfixed, such a beautiful song and a video to match the sad, heartbreaking tones...why are Fridays so full of melancholy?! Incidentally, the video I had in mind was made by one of the guys who directed this pretty thing but more on that later when I'll be talking about a new favorite this space and for now enjoy...
Free Indeed by Long Morphine directed by Dino Dimopoulos & Thomas Walker

Free Indeed from Dino Dimopoulos on Vimeo.

Banana Rates

This pretty amazing video.
Well it is for MTV and so it had to be slick!
Made by Echolab in collaboration with Korb. For those in the know, enough said.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Banana Rates

Ok let's switch from the somber black and white 80s influences to the colorful and quirky designs harbored by a cold and soulless house somewhere in East London. Exact location, Scriven Street and the designs in question bear the signature of my lovely housemate Katerina, another lost soul, hey aren't we all!, but who's never ending supply of slim Greek cigarettes, a soft shoulder to cry on whilst I keep going back and forth about the misery of my now non existent love life and ever so accurate impressions of our non social housemates has surely helped in fact secured me holding on to the last tiniest drop of sanity I've got left in this damaged little brain of mine. We'll have to see how I get on from here on end, time will tell! So as a thank you to my almost normal friend and by almost normal I mean how normal is normal really, especially these days...especially in painfully trendy East London! Katerina as a tribute to you, as a thank you and as a sorry that I'm still going to go on about the same ol' are some of my favorite things you've drawn. Katerina also likes to describe herself as " Lowlife Film Extra and Hanger"...I say she's a full time tortured creative spirit! Let's take each other by the hand and go see a psychiatrist together! In the meantime check out her other childlike drawings at:

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Erm ok.... what was I saying on Friday about the 80s not having fully left us...ever....well Friday was about happy, sugary, up lifting synthy pop today it's all about the moody, sad and self consciously serious, post Joy Division attitude, I mean these boys look so stiff and unimpressed with the world that it's hard to visualize where their artistic awareness comes from. Could it be in their razor sharp cheekbones or the angular haircuts...the perfectly styled and poised attitude...I don't know what it is but the black and white video complete with random girl dancing in the background - she is pretty but she is most definitely random -, the soft fade throughs and quick cutaways to the heavy made up said random girl's eyes, miserable lyrics yet strangely optimistic chorus...I mean it's too much, we've definitely stepped into a time machine currently anchored somewhere in to agree or disagree?! And just to prove a point I've added this classic tune from Black, another monochromatic gem of a video which I remember being quietly fascinated with back in my wonder years...the song is also called Wonderful Life and you might recognize a few key traits... Hurts, welcome to my world!

Banana Watches...

This quirky video from even super quirkier Domestic Infelicity. Mesmerizing work from the Hungarian duo with beautiful imagery that not only captures the essence of the song but highlights the heartbreaking lyrics effortlessly. Truly inspiring.

Ethav: Sleep from Domestic Infelicity on Vimeo.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Banana Rates

This amazing song from Groove Armada featuring SaintSaviour - a morden day cross between Kate Bush and Annie Lennox?! - for a bit of 80s pop nostalgia on this sunny Friday afternoon..all you 80s lovers out there who are still clinging to the candy pink eyeshadow, shoulder pads and asymmetric pastel patterns this is especially for you! Heck the 80s never really went away who are we kidding...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Banana Bounces To...

This awesome remix for Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads will Roll...ok ok so it may have been already reported by Annie Mac on her show back in October but I've only just come across it myself and I have to say that this remix is I was thinking that it's time to stick on the Christmas album special, the same ol' tunes, you know the classics... Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next da dee dee dee daa...but listening to this track I have visions of myself at some random party, face painted and glow stick at the ready, intoxicated of course and possibly dancing with random strangers...perhaps handsome...or I could just be swinging by myself in some forgotten corner but still having a good time cause when this track drops it takes you to a good place my friend...heads will roll indeed. This tune is booooooom...check it out!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Banana Listens To...

If you’ve never experienced the feeling of been slapped so hard across the face by electro pop’s heavy neon shiny glove and you’ve always wondered what that’s like…well just stick on Annie’s infectious I don’t like your Band and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like…you might even come to enjoy it you filthy thing! The first single from her long delayed and much leaked second album blasts through the speakers and goes straight for the jugular with its edgy electro beats and gritty synths courtesy of Paul Epworth. Really you might have to wear protective clothing whilst listening to this track. And the fun doesn’t stop here. Serious mischief is switched on to the max. Cheeky lyrics “The stuff you play, it sounds so passé, Don’t get me wrong, I like you but I don't like your band!”….ouch and the aforementioned heavy groove, so infectious that it makes you want to surrender into a permanent state of disco floor abandon – when the record stops just press play again and the fun begins once more yeeey - make this a brilliant glitzy record and a welcome addition to the scrumptious sugary pop sorority. Oh and there is of course the small detail that the entire album benefits from Xenomania’s Midas touch, this well oiled machine that just continues to spew out hit after hit, there must be something in the water… Don’t be ashamed to love this song. I’m not.