Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Brothers Bloom

This look kinda cool. video

Banana Loves...

Old school family photos like these ones of my beautiful mummy unearthed during my recent visit to the homeland. I found them over at my grandmother's house in a vintage bag and I love them so much I decided to post them here and share them with the world. These are nearly 30 years old and the worn out texture is literally as they are in real life, I only adjusted the levels when I scanned them through PS...I just think they are absolutely beautiful.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday Mantra

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I'm pretty gutted I'll be missing out on the Camden Crawl fun this year, there are lots of bands I wanted to see including The Virgins and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love their video for new single Zero, Karen O looks amazing as usual - she's so cool she doesn't even have to try - and she's got a bad ass leather jacket. Check out the video.

Banana Loves...

Easter Holiday Romanian stylee...That's right, we've only just celebrated Easter break over here in London town but I'm flying out tomorrow to spend my official Easter time with the fam eating traditional food and just chilling out like proper Bo...I especially love the painted eggs which some people take really really seriously and do crazy designs and stuff. Like these ones here which I made earlier....NOOOOT!

Banana Reads...

Since I'm not really making progress on Bacall's book I decided to start another one which is also easier to carry around with me during the morning commute. The Book Thief will be my new companion in the next couple of days and we'll see how I do on this one. Narrated by Death itself, all the reviews are pretty good and I can't wait to get to that point where the story gets so gripping you just can't put it down. In all good book store now.

Banana Loves

Maybe love is a too strong word for this but I saw the promo for the latest fragrance from Gucci called Flora - I'm quite intrigued as to how it actually smells - which was directed by Chris Cunningham. He may not have been as prolific in recent times as he once was but when I was a student in Southampton I went through a massive CC faze...I like the dreamy quality of this little sequence though you can definitely see some "Frozen" -esque subtleties in there.

Kime Buzzelli

ok I know I've been away for a while what with the Easter celebrations, work schedule and general disorganization but I've just discovered this amazing artist and had to spread the love...I'm in love with the stuff she makes, she's like a rock chick of the art world. Needless to say I'm totally enchanted and at the moment I'm frantically searching the net to find as much info about her. Check her stuff out at http://kimebuzzelli.com/

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Anneli Olander

I'm a sucker for watercolor art and after seeing this young lady's portfolio I have to say I've been suffering from "artist's jealousy" although I don't consider myself an artist per se but I like to dabble in the odd creative pursuit whenever I have the time... Anywho check out her other work here: http://www.anneliolander.com/

Banana Obsessions

Ok so last year I was ear fucking anyone with all sorts of Cage the Elephant facts, trivia and general musings. They were my favourite rockers for 5 minutes after all...only jocking but I did go on about them for a while and things did look good for them...but then they just kinda drifted off the radar and now it's too late becaaaaaaaause.....Billy Boy on Poison are here and they, well, they rock harder...better...faster...you get it! I only saw these guys once, last week at 229 but I'm already pretty taken with them and get this the singer is only 17 years old! Apparently he's a massive Bowie fan and anybody who loves Bowie gets free entry into the banana circle of trust. Great songs, great attitude and an awesome sound.
Check them out on : http://www.billyboyonpoison.com/

Banana Listens to...

Vagabond... Saw this bunch last week at Madame Jojo's and they were amazing live, I'd have to say I prefer their live set to their recordings, it's almost as if some of the magic is lost in the recording process. Anyway they seem to have a loyal fan base already and hopefully the summer will bring them the popularity and recognition they deserve. Check them out on www.myspace.com/vagabond

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Whilst this year I made a point out of staying up to watch the Oscars - first time ever - I still managed to fall asleep but I'd like to think that at least I caught half of it; anywho I woke up conveniently to see Kate Winslet's acceptance speech although I missed the actual "reaction face"...she was pretty much the reason why I decided to stay up and watch the ceremony. The point to this story is.... that after that I decided that I couldn't stay up any longer, I admitted defeat and it was good night and good luck for me. And the consequence of that was me missing this little jem get the Oscar in the best foreign language film category. It seems like a lovely and touching film, I'll be looking out for it for sure.


Found these images although I'm not sure who the designer actually is. They are pretty cool though and hope I'm not courting a major law suit by posting them on here. If it's money you want I ain't got none. But what I do have is a very specific set of skills...

Banana Obsessions

A good cup of coffee has become essential to my being these days and that's something considering that I used to hate the taste of it - although loved the smell of freshly ground coffee that my mum used to make for herself each morning when I was growing up - and Flat White is one of the best places in Soho where you can get the stuff. Mind you the place is crawling with trendy little cafe spots all vying for top spot amongst young media types and this is my personal favourite. It's sooooooo strong mind you I only indulge occasionally. If my parents ever visit London I'll be sure to take them there for a spin.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Winter of Frozen Dreams

This looks quite good...I'm a huge fan of Forensic Detectives type of shows anyways and this just looks like a two hour Christmas special...and it literally is!

Kate Pfeiffer

I came across this artist today and I really like her painting style. Check out more of her stuff on www.gallerykate.com

The Room

Ok I've just read an article about this movie called The Room which has apparently reached cult status over in the States thanks to some big names in the comic world over there who have rated it as the best guilty pleasure . The youtube community is pretty sold on it too, some people saying that this movie has changed their lives, that is the best worst movie ever made and so on. After seeing the trailer myself I have to say I felt a strange case of "I must see this" sensation, like a sort of magnetic field pulling me away from myself and into this strange dimension....anyway you get the picture. I now live only to see this wonderful pile of shit!

Banana Listens to...

The Cult. This album was released when I was barely crawling around but I found it today on my work computer and have been listening to it. My favourite song is Love.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Banana Rates

Jack Radcliffe...amazing b/w photographer. He likes to document ordinary people's lives and I just love his work especially the series on his own daughter Alison. Really great photographs.
Just a few from the Alison collection.

500 Days of Summer

New film starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zoey Deschanel. He's got no shoulders bless him but I still think he's cute.

Clever Packaging

Check out these little diddies.... by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa

Banana Obsessions

Cherry blossoms have long been an obsession of mine and I just love this time of year when they start to really come out. Brings back lovely memories of school time back at home in my small home town...sigh!

Anna Higgie

Just discovered this artist and I'm already a fan. Check out more of her work at http://www.annahiggie.com/

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Alex Turvey

is a self confessed glitter aficionado and any man who openly admits to loving the stuff gets automatic entry into my top 500 favourite people. He's a director, illustrator, designer and overall creative genius. He also directed this little beauty which happens to be a music video for a band that I'm currently listening to, so I can kill two birds with one stone and also mention MSTRKRFT - said band - who've been ticklening my little years for the last few days. Check out the link.Pow.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Banana Loves

You know those kind of lists that couples have where they each get to write down maybe 5 people they'd be allowed to kiss/sleep with or whatever...well I could never just have 5. My list is a daily growing thing; I even have categories : married, single, sportsmen, music artists, actors, old ones, younger ones, geeks...I mean I could go on, what can I say I have broad tastes...anywhoooo my latest "recruit" is Tom Hardy, an absolutely amazing actor soon to be seen in The Take. He is...simply put AWESOME. Watch out for him and feel free to lust....it's ok!

Banana Obsessions

Right so I'd been wanting a Nintendo DS since they first came out and when I had the opportunity to receive one as a birthday gift I declined and regretted it everyday until....the opportunity presented itself quite nicely again this last Christmas - seems like a decade ago - and this time around I wasn't going to walk away without one. Initial excitement wore off giving way to disturbing/silly obsession for any Mario related game and I now find myself staying up late at night defeating bosses, winning tournaments and so on...What has happened to me? I have been claimed by this sort of dark/evil power, been turned into a Nintendo walking/talking zombie. I close my eyes and I hear the theme tune...I try to concentrate on my work but all I want to do is play on my DS...I try to go to sleep and I can see him running right in front of my eyes....mocking me! This little bastard has got me enthralled with his stupid wicked game...but he's so cute though...can't wait to play some DS later! "It's me Mario!".....aaaahhhh I'm home.

Banana Watches...

Ok so I already have a collection of "To Watch" dvds which has been pretty much gathering dust at home for the last couple of weeks, but I'm planning to get back into "movie viewing marathons" and hopefully pick things up with City of Lost Children from the great Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Still haven't seen Delicatessen but I know it's there on my Lovefilm list together with the other 500 must sees....
Will write a review once I've seen it.

Banana Reads...

Lauren Bacall's autobiography which is taking me a lot longer than I had anticipated...but it's a great read, the photos are amazing and her life story - from what I've read so far - is very romantic and makes you want to have lived during those times. They sure don't make them like that anymore!
The Look

Linn Olofsdotter...

...is one of my favourite illustrators out there and the fact that she's a chick makes her even cooler - in my eyes anyways- . Her images are just beautiful, with lovely colors and great combination of textures and technique. You rock Linn!!!
Check out her stuff http://www.olofsdotter.com/

Banana Listens to...

The Virgins check them out http://www.thevirgins.net/media.php


Je suis banana.....