Friday, 3 April 2009

Banana Loves

You know those kind of lists that couples have where they each get to write down maybe 5 people they'd be allowed to kiss/sleep with or whatever...well I could never just have 5. My list is a daily growing thing; I even have categories : married, single, sportsmen, music artists, actors, old ones, younger ones, geeks...I mean I could go on, what can I say I have broad tastes...anywhoooo my latest "recruit" is Tom Hardy, an absolutely amazing actor soon to be seen in The Take. He is...simply put AWESOME. Watch out for him and feel free to's ok!


  1. He's a beefy looking fellow, but are you sure he can act? Do you have a category for gorillas, BTW?

  2. Yes he's very good, you should watch him in Stuart: A life Bakcwards he's very skinny in that one. Gorillas are not really my thing you know...