Friday, 3 April 2009

Banana Obsessions

Right so I'd been wanting a Nintendo DS since they first came out and when I had the opportunity to receive one as a birthday gift I declined and regretted it everyday until....the opportunity presented itself quite nicely again this last Christmas - seems like a decade ago - and this time around I wasn't going to walk away without one. Initial excitement wore off giving way to disturbing/silly obsession for any Mario related game and I now find myself staying up late at night defeating bosses, winning tournaments and so on...What has happened to me? I have been claimed by this sort of dark/evil power, been turned into a Nintendo walking/talking zombie. I close my eyes and I hear the theme tune...I try to concentrate on my work but all I want to do is play on my DS...I try to go to sleep and I can see him running right in front of my eyes....mocking me! This little bastard has got me enthralled with his stupid wicked game...but he's so cute though...can't wait to play some DS later! "It's me Mario!".....aaaahhhh I'm home.

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