Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Banana Obsessions

Ok so last year I was ear fucking anyone with all sorts of Cage the Elephant facts, trivia and general musings. They were my favourite rockers for 5 minutes after all...only jocking but I did go on about them for a while and things did look good for them...but then they just kinda drifted off the radar and now it's too late becaaaaaaaause.....Billy Boy on Poison are here and they, well, they rock harder...better...faster...you get it! I only saw these guys once, last week at 229 but I'm already pretty taken with them and get this the singer is only 17 years old! Apparently he's a massive Bowie fan and anybody who loves Bowie gets free entry into the banana circle of trust. Great songs, great attitude and an awesome sound.
Check them out on : http://www.billyboyonpoison.com/

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