Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Banana Watches...

Mr. Hudson Supernova video. Yeeeeees buoy...it's here and it's almost great! Erm I've got a question...what is the point of having Estelle in this? Did they have some spare American Boy shots and didn't really know what to do with them or something and maybe they thought "Here's a great way to recycle guys!"...bad move in my books. But other than that me likeeee.


Sunday, 28 June 2009

Banana Likes...

Tribute to a childhood hero

Knowing that pretty much the whole world would be talking about this on Friday I refrained from jumping on the bandwagon - an entire generation of twitterers, myspacers, facebookers, beboers and so on was paying their own tributes - but...it's hard not to comment on this event. As a matter of fact I'd always wondered what the day would be like - however weird that sounds -, the day when you find out that someone like Michael Jackson is dead...no longer. I know it sounds strange but whenever I'd be watching documentaries about iconic figures say like John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Marylin Monroe...no matter how tragic their story was to hear I could never really be affected because I wasn't alive when these people were making history. So I would watch with interest and that's about it... But Michael Jackson's records have been the soundtrack of my childhood, I remember how basically obsessed I was with the man...the dance moves which of course I knew and tried to emulate...I even had dreams about him and thought he was the greatest human being alive. Then I grew up of course and the fanatic admiration quietly subsided but I'd be instantly transported back in time whenever I'd listen to the old favourites...in fact I have the same reaction to a lot of songs from that time in my life but the MJ collection is different. Having spent pretty much the whole weekend ransacking the net, looking on youtube and reading comments left by people from all over the world I can't help at feeling part of a bigger picture and in a weird way quite special...To be part of something that strangers from every little corner of this world have been affected by in a more or less significant way is not something that happens everyday. Sure there are many aspects of his entire dimension which I won't even pretend I understand; the infamous Bashir interview is cringe worthy at the best of times...but when you take away all of that and you're left with the music is easy to see that it will be a while until someone with this level of magnitude and impact will come along...if ever! The old hits have a new meaning now, they sound better, their force amplified and as I listen to them over and over again it all seems unreal and sad that basically this is it. No more MJ...just the records and an entire legacy which unfortunately will forever be tinged with bittersweet notes of a highly creative but desperately misunderstood soul. But as evidence from this weekend's Glastonbury Festival suggests, tributes, outpourings of love and admiration, everyone is only thinking about the music now, the only thing that really mattered anyway and that's no mean feat at all. Below, my all time favourite Michael Jackson song....words will never be enough.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


La Peste from La Peste on Vimeo.

Banana Loves...

Black and White photography...I know what a cliche! But there's something special about them...sometimes life in colour is not that interesting after all...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Banana Gems

Found this genius of a site today http://www.latfh.com/ With gems like this one...you know you're onto a winner. Look At This Fucking Hipster my newest vice...Welcome to my world!

Banana Obsessions

Since I'm a total IMDB freak I couldn't ignore last week's post which involved the addition of these pretty "babies"...new stills with Johnny Depp?! Yes please...In an ideal world me and monsieur Depp live somewhere on an island, him playing his guitar and making his wine, me writing short stories and bearing his babies...you know the usual sort of stuff...

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Banana Likes...

I'm no Lily Allen fan by any means ok so let's get one thing straight...but I have to say that this little playful video for her new single has put me in a somewhat cheeky disposition...maybe it's the fact that the weather is so nice today, maybe it's the fact that I've got the BBC sport page loaded up in my browser and when the boss ain't looking I sure sneak a peek at the latest Wimbledon action...I don't know what it is but I feel like going out to Soho square and start doing the same. Maybe I will...

Monday, 22 June 2009

Friday, 19 June 2009

Banana Rates

It's all about visual stimulation this Friday... Stumbled upon this little beauty, the new Fever Ray video for Triangle Walks, otherwise known as half of the weird/fascinating/abstract genius that is The Knife. They always manage to have interesting videos...it must be something they're drinking! Can I has some?...
Fever Ray 'Triangle Walks'


Simply beautiful work from Rob Chiu.

Banana Randomness

Sometimes the love between a man and his skateboard is a beautiful thing to witness!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mr. Hudson continued

Managed to find the video for the first song they played at their ICA gig last week. Instant Messenger what a tune...

Mr Hudson - Instant Messenger - ICA London from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.

Banana Rates

This trailer for Martin Scorsese's latest offering looks pretty good if I may say so... I'm definitely intrigued!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Banana Watches...

Keeping things music and sequins oriented for the time being, this time the focus is on Dragonette and their latest video Fixin To Thrill...I came to know this lovely bunch two years ago when they were building quite a loyal fan base here in London and they also helped me out with my now tragic entry into the Mtv competition when they were looking for a new presenter - yes I'm still bitter about that, damn you Irish bird whatever your name is! - There was a time where I saw these guys pretty regularly but then I must've said something wrong, perhaps I took the comment "Oh you look so much like my sister!" too seriously and actually started to believe that I was in fact Dan's sister and they thought it was best to leave the country...c'mon you guys it was just a joke...come back to England....please! Anywhooooo...it's nice to see these guys doing what they do best, fat electro beats and a visual feast of Martina's razor sharp cheekbones and crazy eyebrow action hypnotizing the neighborhood kids...it's what every girl wants really!
Me and Dan - long lost brother...not really
moi and mr. Joel

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Banana Loves

The video to Gossip's Heavy Cross...it's finally here and it's awesome. Apparently it had to be re-edited and subsequently delayed for release, after Rick Rubin - producer extraordinaire - didn't approve of the innitial cut...oh my! But it has lots of glitter and clever lighting and stuff...

Friday, 12 June 2009

Banana Gigs...

Mr. Hudson, my new favourite band du jour...Saw an amazing gig the other night at the ICA having previously seen them at Camden's Proud Galleries. They blew me away the last time but this time around it was even more special. What an electric atmosphere and given that London was pretty hectic due to the tube strike, this gig just took the edge off things. With the focus mostly on the new album due out in August the band didn't dissapoint by playing classics from their first album Tale of Two Cities. Too Late Too Late always goes down so well with crowd and gets everyone dancing, while Cover Girl and Ask the DJ brought a lovely end to a night which frankly could've kept on going and going...My favourite tracks from the new album were the opener - I don't know the name of the track - , Stiff Upper Lip and the majestic Supernova. I can't wait to see these guys again, it's always such an uplifting and fun experience. What music should be all about...

Mr Hudson - Too Late Too Late - ICA London from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.

Mr Hudson - Supernova - ICA London from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Shrink + Public Enemies

Two very special trailers with two men that I admire very much for very different reasons....

Florian Nicolle

New inspiration from this French designer/illustrator. Love the mixed media approach to his creations and it's something I've been interested in exploring myself. I'm also a big fan of texture and chaotic drawing and the addition of words - perhaps personal thoughts/poetry or maybe not - is also a nice touch. Maybe this guy is in fact moi...non?! C'est possible...
Check him out on http://www.neo-innov.fr/

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Banana Watches...

The new Depeche Mode video for "Peace" starring Romanian actress Maria Dinulescu. The video was also shot in Romania and I like it a lot...enough said. Depeche Mode - "Peace"

The Talented Mr. Dickinson

Photo taken whilst lunching celebrating Pete's birthday...what a celebratory feast that was! Petey loves all things retro, oh well he was born in the 70s...

Monday, 8 June 2009

Banana Obsessions

Continuing my love affair with red heads I decided to post these beautiful images of Julianne Moore who features on July's cover of Vogue magazine. As soon as I saw her on the cover I knew I had to get it and the entire article didn't dissapoint. Truly awesome pictures and an immensely inspiring woman who's been on my list of favourite actresses for a while now...if there was ever a way to get red hair like that and cute freckles like hers I think I would do it...Yup sign me up!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Banana Listens to...

Tori Amos' latest offering Abnormally Attracted To Sin.
Favourite track so far has to be the opener Give setting the perfect mood for this album which is a much darker/moodier affair than her last record. I seem to have acquired quite a fascination with this lady who's undoubtedly got the best hair in the music business - I wonder if she's been approached by anyone to endorse some obscure/organic/echo friendly brand of hair products - ...hhhhmmm I'll let that thought linger on while I continue to listen to this great album.