Monday, 15 June 2009

Banana Watches...

Keeping things music and sequins oriented for the time being, this time the focus is on Dragonette and their latest video Fixin To Thrill...I came to know this lovely bunch two years ago when they were building quite a loyal fan base here in London and they also helped me out with my now tragic entry into the Mtv competition when they were looking for a new presenter - yes I'm still bitter about that, damn you Irish bird whatever your name is! - There was a time where I saw these guys pretty regularly but then I must've said something wrong, perhaps I took the comment "Oh you look so much like my sister!" too seriously and actually started to believe that I was in fact Dan's sister and they thought it was best to leave the country...c'mon you guys it was just a joke...come back to England....please!'s nice to see these guys doing what they do best, fat electro beats and a visual feast of Martina's razor sharp cheekbones and crazy eyebrow action hypnotizing the neighborhood's what every girl wants really!
Me and Dan - long lost brother...not really
moi and mr. Joel

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