Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Morning Date at The Tate

So yesterday morning I was supposed to meet my lovely team mates for a little spot of research for a project we're currently working on and it seems there was definitely something in the air as everyone managed to have a disastrous morning...but all the wind, hail and rain couldn't stop us from getting there in the end and enjoy the posh coffee/ethic tea/organic orange juice hassle free...I'm talking no smelly tourists - yes they do smell most of the time - , cranky babies screaming their heads off at a Picasso painting - I totally understand you babies - and generally being pushed around or being told off by staff - sorry you're breathing way too close to this painting can you take a step back please? oh ok! - All in all it was a great day out although by the time we did get back to the office we were all exhausted and wanted to go to sleep. It's a hard life being a tourist, no wonder they stink!
All photos courtesy of The Talented Mr. Dickinson.

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