Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Being a girl and all that, I'm not supposed to like/understand/fully appreciate all things of the sci-fi, movies, iconic characters...I even watched Dune two weekends ago and fell asleep for most of it! I mean sure I've got a Nintendo DS and I like to play any Mario related games on it but that's as far as my sci-fi sensibilities stretch. But there's just something about the Tron:Legacy trailer that makes me believe perhaps it's time to turn over a new leaf here...anyone can change right?! Plus, with the exception of one song, the whole soundtrack to this movie was done by my favourite French duo Daft must be a sign surely! Also, the song in question is nothing short of 80s epicness - if that's even a word, the mullet, inappropriately skinny jeans, white socks and trainers combo...I mean it's like an East London's cool kid wet dream - and I reckon when this movie finally comes out youtube hits/itunes downloads and video responses to the genius of the song that is Separate Ways by Journey will probably cause an almighty internet crash and every living breathing thing - not me then - will be digitized into virtual reality...of course there is a strong possibility that no such thing might ever occur! One thing's for sure though...I must watch the original movie...I simply must! 2010...good times!

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