Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mr. Hudson

So this man has had a pretty cool 2009, the high profile collaboration with Kanye West, featuring on Jay-Z's new album, a successful summer festival roundup, countless magazine interviews and a "let's play dress up" stint in Italian Vogue...the days of The Library and white boy reggae may be over but Mr. Hudson is here to stay and yes he may have the synths, the vocal effects and an edgier sound but they still can't obscure the carefully crafted lyrics, his trademark from the beginning. The first album, A Tale of Two Cities may have secured a loyal fan base but it's this second effort that has catapulted the Birmingham born songwriter onto the international scene; his days as a penniless romantic firmly behind him as new audiences have been more than ready to listen. Last time I saw this crew was back in June at the ICA, in fact I had written a piece on this very blog about it and I remember clearly that this particular song left a deep impression on me at the time. You'd have to hear this song live to fully appreciate it, the powerful drums and the bass line that almost reverberate through you and the lyrics more relevant now than ever, it remains the highlight, for me anyways, from this highly anticipated and critically acclaimed album Straight No Chaser which as the sign says, is out now.

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