Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Banana Listens To...

If you’ve never experienced the feeling of been slapped so hard across the face by electro pop’s heavy neon shiny glove and you’ve always wondered what that’s like…well just stick on Annie’s infectious I don’t like your Band and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like…you might even come to enjoy it you filthy thing! The first single from her long delayed and much leaked second album blasts through the speakers and goes straight for the jugular with its edgy electro beats and gritty synths courtesy of Paul Epworth. Really you might have to wear protective clothing whilst listening to this track. And the fun doesn’t stop here. Serious mischief is switched on to the max. Cheeky lyrics “The stuff you play, it sounds so passé, Don’t get me wrong, I like you but I don't like your band!”….ouch and the aforementioned heavy groove, so infectious that it makes you want to surrender into a permanent state of disco floor abandon – when the record stops just press play again and the fun begins once more yeeey - make this a brilliant glitzy record and a welcome addition to the scrumptious sugary pop sorority. Oh and there is of course the small detail that the entire album benefits from Xenomania’s Midas touch, this well oiled machine that just continues to spew out hit after hit, there must be something in the water… Don’t be ashamed to love this song. I’m not.

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