Sunday, 6 December 2009

Banana Discovers...

Sometimes I do find myself missing my heyday in retail and one thing I miss about the good ol' days of working at Topshop, well apart from the generous clothes discount so let's make that two things then...oh yeah the other thing is the seemingly random and obscure perhaps slightly snobby music play list accompanying our daily work routine. The amount of bands we would get tired and bored of before they would become a tiny blip on the music radar... aaaawww those are the days I miss...and because I am so melancholy I decided to have a little looky through the internet pages and see what cool tunes the people at Topshop are putting out there aaaaaaaaaand I managed to find these guys:
They are called Panama Kings, they hail from Northern Ireland and they have been going on for a while steadily building a following whilst doing support slots for the likes of YOUNG KNIVES ,UNDERTONES, BRITISH SEA POWER, DODGY and MALCOLM MIDDLETON. Listening to the few tracks they've got on their myspace page it's easy to imagine the sort of atmosphere that goes on when these guys play live and judging from the postings on their blog they've got the rock'n'roll hedonism all figured out. The songs have a certain complex feel about them mixing guitar, dance, techno, chaotic drumming and singer Niall's voice which sometimes sounds like he's in some sort of pain but nonetheless he continues to soldier on and deliver the goods. Pretty much all the tracks have an anthem quality about them, personal favorites include Toe The Party Line, the majestic Skeleton Key, Children and Golden Recruit. The band are officially heading into the studio at the end of this year to finish work on their album and I for one can't wait to hear it. If you were looking for a fresh sound or something new to shake those tired bones to look no further than these guys. Check them out at:

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