Thursday, 10 December 2009

Banana Gigs

Ok they say never go food shopping on an empty stomach..did you know the same philosophy can be applied to many things like oh I don't know coming accross a certain band quite late at night, thinking that you like them an get all excited that they're playing the very next day at one of your favourite venues in town and oh my God doesn't that just mean something?! I totally got sucked my defense it was pretty late at night and my character is easily impressionable so that's obviously not a good mix, lesson learned moving on but the point of this post is...that I did spend £12.50 going to the ICA to watch Evermore thinking I'd come away satisfied in the knowledge that I've seen a cool, much hyped about band blah blah blah...instead I've come away quite traumatized or rather left wondering if I'd just witnessed a Christian Rock Extravaganza and slightly paranoid that I have been brainwashed during the whole thing, I mean what next a promise ring?! Oh no...I could've paid a fiver and go The Legion and yeah I would've probably left with the feeling that a family of elephants has just stampeded on my ears but Japanese rockers Bo Ningen would've been a much better investment judging by the reviews they've been getting. All is not lost though, they are London based and they always seem to play around East London so you know...but back to the cheese fest that was Evermore. I tell you what it was that impressed me...their grand synth lines, very Muse-ish that made my little ears sparkle with curiosity and the excellent drumming...I'm not afraid to give dues when they are you know due and to be fair to them they seem like a bunch of nice guys you know wholesome, good/accomplished musicians, the front man came out with a guitar that had a Tenori-on somehow incorporated in it - don't ask me to explain how - so brownie points for that...and when they do focus on being slightly edgier it really works, they manage to pull of a grand sound which is pretty impressive considering it's just the three of them. It's when they switch to shitty ballads like Girl with The World on Her Shoulder or some other tacky slow tempo crap you start thinking did I really pay to see this?! It's no surprise they are touring with Pink, the kids will no doubt love them and I did do a double take at the audience at one point just to check that I wasn't completely surrounded by braces clad 13 year olds - I don't want to come off all insensitive here because teenage years are tough I know, been there done that - and I wasn't but I still felt sad and empty...not even the free pack of nuts I got could compensate for the void that Evermore couldn't fill...what a shitter! Last time I was at the ICA it was for a Hudson gig and it was boooooom with an amazing atmosphere....last night at the half empty venue though it was definitely a bittersweet experience and a perfect reminder why I'll never EVER go and see Bon Jovi live. Evermore?! I'm sorry but Never Again....Ever!

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