Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Banana Gigs

Ok it's been a pretty hectic week as Christmas is fast approaching with the usual stress, chaos, last minute panic attacks you know the usual stuff... and I haven't had the chance to talk about the Depeche Mode gig I went to on Tuesday at the o2 Arena. Yes the godfathers of electronic rock stopped over in London briefly as they continue their Tour of The Universe and after a relative slow start to the evening which saw the band focusing on their latest release Sounds of the Universe the second half of the show however proved once again why these guys have still got it.
The band came on without much sense of ceremony simply walking on stage and waving to the crowd whilst Mr. Gahan chose to walk to the edge of the stage and take the most graceful bow I have ever seen from a man. And with that the night officially started. I was definitely looking forward to what Martin Gore would be wearing having previously witnessed some of his stage costumes and he didn't disappoint sporting a mighty glittery jacket and more eyeliner than even I would dare to rock but the man can definitely get away with it so who am I to comment right...but back to Tuesday's night proceedings, the band sounded absolutely amazing and even though I was slightly disappointed that the "show" wasn't as big as I would've imagined it, I'm talking about the lights, the visual effects, the whole razzmatazz baby...this was a band who for two hours did a job that any band of that calibre who'd have done which was to entertain.
One thing is for sure though, Depeche Mode wouldn't be that special without the Gahan/Gore partnership.When singing lead vocals the latter steals the show, you are literally gripped yet it never feels contrived in fact it's quite touching and his voice filled that arena ; at the same time, when Gahan takes over with Gore as backing vocals it's a beautiful thing to witness and who would've thought that a few months ago the man was diagnosed with bladder cancer and also had some throat issues. He sounded stronger than ever and for two hours he led the way and kept the crowd going.
And let's just take a moment and elaborate on the force of nature that is Dave Gahan...he comes on wearing black trousers and a waistcoat which at some point in the night he loses - to be fair it had gotten pretty hot in that arena -  sporting some pretty impressive body art and of course the ubiquitous eye liner, not to mention the lascivious dance moves which should've been banned in the 80s but at the same time had me pretty hypnotized at one's easy to forget the man is the same age as my dad!!!
Overall, it was a great show, perhaps seeing that it was mean to promote the latest album they didn't actually play that many songs from it focusing rather on the usual crowd pleasers but it was great to see them again, a band with so much history behind doubt when I'll be introducing my kids to their music I'll be able to say I went and saw them I did...
Here's a few clips from the night which I managed to find on good ol' YouTube. Enjoy!

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