Monday, 21 December 2009

Banana Listens to...

Paloma Faith...thank God I finally managed to get myself a Spotify account and have recently gone through new stuff like no one's business and since this young lady has been heavily featured on Radio 1 recently, naturally I was intrigued to find out more. Don't get me wrong I did hear about Paloma ages ago but reviews drawing comparison to Amy Winehouse made me reluctant to properly check her out at the time cause I'm a snob like that. 
Already established in the underground East London art world, Paloma's colorful background as a magician's assistant, trained dancer and burlesque show performer not to mention her acting credits - St. Trinian's, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus, Dread - make this young lady already that tiny bit special than your Duffys, Adeles and even Amys...because her theatrical flair which shines through on her debut Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful apparently for those who have witnessed her live shows leaves you open mouthed, is a breath of fresh air. Granted she does have the big hair and ostentatious tattoos a la Winehouse although not to the same full on extent, and her soul/jazz style vocals to remind you of Adele but there is something infinitely more magical - no pun intended there - about Paloma. Maybe it's her name, Spanish for Dove,  or crazy fashion sense or maybe we were all just ready for something new but her record is surprisingly mind blowing, with an amazing production value, that sees just the right amount of soul, jazz and  blues mixed together to offer you a super slice of orchestral pop! The question is are you hungry enough and ready to have your taste buds completely violated...
I look forward to seeing how far this lady can go, check out the video for current Radio 1 darling Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful and more of her stuff here:

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