Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Banana Rates

Ok let's switch from the somber black and white 80s influences to the colorful and quirky designs harbored by a cold and soulless house somewhere in East London. Exact location, Scriven Street and the designs in question bear the signature of my lovely housemate Katerina, another lost soul, hey aren't we all!, but who's never ending supply of slim Greek cigarettes, a soft shoulder to cry on whilst I keep going back and forth about the misery of my now non existent love life and ever so accurate impressions of our non social housemates has surely helped in fact secured me holding on to the last tiniest drop of sanity I've got left in this damaged little brain of mine. We'll have to see how I get on from here on end, time will tell! So as a thank you to my almost normal friend and by almost normal I mean how normal is normal really, especially these days...especially in painfully trendy East London! Katerina as a tribute to you, as a thank you and as a sorry that I'm still going to go on about the same ol' are some of my favorite things you've drawn. Katerina also likes to describe herself as " Lowlife Film Extra and Hanger"...I say she's a full time tortured creative spirit! Let's take each other by the hand and go see a psychiatrist together! In the meantime check out her other childlike drawings at:

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