Monday, 21 December 2009

Banana Watches...

500 Day of Summer...finally I've been able to watch this movie, been meaning to since September or thereabouts. Ok verdict?! I have to watch again....Why?! well...don't get me wrong the acting is great, dare I say even the two leading actors, Deschanel and Levitt slightly underused because the script/dialogue isn't always that strong. Some comedy moments are so predictable at times that it feels almost pointless to waste your energy reacting to them but there are more good bits about this film that in the end make this a must see movie.
For me, number one is Joseph Gordon Levitt, the thinking woman's eye candy. I saw him in Soho back in August when he was doing the promo for this film and I almost fainted...well that is a slight exaggeration on my part but I was genuinely struck to see him casually strolling down on Frith Street, I always sneak a peak at his IMDB page to see what he's doing, his latest projects cause you know we are on that level now...and to see him right in front of my eyes was the event of that week for me... and I swear I'm not imagining this but we definitely made eye contact...go ahead laugh all you want but I was there and you weren't...anywhoo back to this movie. Number two, Zooey Deschanel, the indie scene darling, so effortlessly cool, she shows up delivers the lines and she's great to watch; I wonder how she'll fair in some raw, emotional role, I'd like to see her in something like that because so far it's only pretty much been dry, witty dialogue delivered to pitch perfection nonetheless but still... The soundtrack is pretty cool too and includes some amazing tracks from all sorts of people, Regina Spektor, The Temper Trap, Carla Bruni, The Smiths, Feist and even Deschanel's own band, She & Him who are actually well worth checking out but the best thing about this movie I guess is that it is a sort of love story relevant to the times we live in and I guarantee there are lots of early to mid twenty somethings out there who will be able to relate to a lot of the things this movie touches upon. For me I guess the biggest subject is that of "soulmates" and the idea of fate behind key moments in our lives with long term ramifications. I've always held a romantic belief that when two people are truly meant to be with each other nothing will get in the way not even life...and I guess the fact that the movie challenges that concept to a certain extent made me a little upset and perhaps that's why I have mixed feelings about it. Cause that's how it works in Banana world, if you don't agree with me you're out baby! What I did like however was the end note that even for the biggest believers in fate/destiny there are also key moments in one's life where ultimately it does come down to the choices we make ; we create and are the masters of our own destiny as much as it just seems to happen to us,we just don't realize that most of the time. I'm definitely going to watch this again and I have a feeling that each time it will leave me with something new.

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