Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Erm ok.... what was I saying on Friday about the 80s not having fully left us...ever....well Friday was about happy, sugary, up lifting synthy pop today it's all about the moody, sad and self consciously serious, post Joy Division attitude, I mean these boys look so stiff and unimpressed with the world that it's hard to visualize where their artistic awareness comes from. Could it be in their razor sharp cheekbones or the angular haircuts...the perfectly styled and poised attitude...I don't know what it is but the black and white video complete with random girl dancing in the background - she is pretty but she is most definitely random -, the soft fade throughs and quick cutaways to the heavy made up said random girl's eyes, miserable lyrics yet strangely optimistic chorus...I mean it's too much, we've definitely stepped into a time machine currently anchored somewhere in 1983...care to agree or disagree?! And just to prove a point I've added this classic tune from Black, another monochromatic gem of a video which I remember being quietly fascinated with back in my wonder years...the song is also called Wonderful Life and you might recognize a few key traits... Hurts, welcome to my world!

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  1. I love both songs!!!dont u think music videos in the 1980s were more interesting?when i was 13 i became obsessed with the 1980s and I wished I lived back then and now everyone everywhere is reenacting the 1980s!!