Sunday, 27 December 2009

Kevin Spacey

Ok one good thing about Christmas TV being so mind numbing is that you can spend hours at a time on your laptop, by the fire of course, trailing the internet for other mind numbing stuff but finding gems like this one. I sure do love a man who can do impressions and Kevin Spacey is THE man...ok Jim Carrey is pretty good too...but back to Kevin now! I do have a bit of crush on him I have to say, don't really know what it is because I haven't seen a lot of the movies he's been in but there is just something about him I find really intriguing and captivating. Effortlessly cool, extremely charismatic, funny, talented and smart with just the right touch of enigmatic about him...the man is just interesting ok! I love this clip, shame the quality goes a bit wrong towards the end but check out the Cristopher Walken impression, another living legend - apparently he and his wife have agreed that KS is the best CW impersonator! Kevin Spacey phoooooowar!

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