Friday, 4 December 2009


Not quite The Virgins...not quite MGMT...but most definitely British and most definitely pop albeit slightly unconventional considering that this is a band made out of five boys who play their own instruments and despite being impossibly good looking and dressed like they've just been groomed by a Topman style adviser, effortlessly manage to be waaaaaaaay cooler than The Kooks. Yeah I liked them too but when the second album came out it was pretty much over for me. Anywhoo, back to Rogues...the sharp haircuts and the skinny jeans are there just to remind us that this is after all indie pop we're talking about...the new wave synths are there, the frantic Duran Duran-esque bass lines are there, the falsetto harmonies are there...basically what we have here is a very happy cross-breed marriage between electro and indie guitar so let's hope Rogues continue to make the same catchy music for a while to come. Their Widows EP is out now on Friends vs Records and you can check more stuff on their myspace page: Check out their video for MerryGoRound directed by Unthank Film Production below, I think it's pretty amazing but what do you think?!

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