Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Vol De Jour

Oooh La La...
When Mr. Chanel himself appoints you as their new muse you know you're definitely going places. Baptiste Giabiconi and fashion powerhouse Karl Lagerfeld are apparently inseparable - so much so that they're known in fashion circles as Kartiste, ain't that cute!!, it sort of works - since the young model was spotted in a French Vogue editorial wearing only a Chanel cardigan and a pair of heels. The last 12 months have seen Giabiconi featured heavily in pretty much every Lagerfeld project including this short black and white film , but of course, promoting the pre-Spring 2010 Chanel collection. Featuring another model of the moment miss Lara Stone, the film depicts the pretty young things as designer clad thieves running into a succesion of Parisian Chanel boutiques escaping with an array of fabulous garments. One can only dream! Oh and did I mention this is all happening in black and white....with an amazing soundtrack too?! Oh ok...
Fashion designer, photographer and now director too...I'd love to witness a day in the life of this man.

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