Sunday, 20 December 2009

Winter Wonderland

And talking about Christmas, although I won't technically be spending it at home this year, I'll be there in spirit of course, I look forward to sharing happy Christmas holiday times with some very important and special people in the new house of dreams. Some quiet reflection will be thrown in there just for good measure and no doubt plenty of words of wisdom , bags of good advice and a new action plan for the year ahead. Oh what a year this has been, 2009 I have to say you've been a let down....things should not have turned out like this but life has a funny way of throwing some twists in there just to remind you that you can't have it all rosy all the doubt some very big lessons have been learned here and when the sadness will finally dissipate we'll hopefully be able to look back on these past couple of months and perhaps even share a smile about it all...because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and as long as you still have the people in your life who are able to love you unconditionally and forgive you when you're able to royally fuck up I guess not everything is lost and maybe just maybe more time should be spent appreciating what you have instead of crying over what you have lost. Time will heal all wounds and make us see things differently down the line....and who knows perhaps time will also bridge a gap and bring people together again...time will tell! For now let's hope for some more happiness in 2010 and that flights won't be canceled so I can get home and roll around in the glorious snow with lovely little Maria and that spastic dog Dolby. Yeeeeeeey

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