Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

It's nearly Christmas and lots of people I know, myself included, tend to moan a lot at this time of year for various reasons, with some extremists out there even claiming they hate absolutely everything to do with this holiday....but what if Christmas hated you?...never thought about it this way!

Happy Holidays from DANIELS on Vimeo.

The King's Speech

I don't know why I have allowed the buzz surrounding this movie to completely pass me by and having just seen this trailer I can certainly understand how justified its recent Golden Globe nominations  have been - seven in total including the big ones, Best Picture, Best Actor  in Lead Role for Colin Firth, Best Actor/Actress in a supporting role for Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter respectively and Best Director for Tom Hooper - with expected nominations for Oscar glory as well.

Production value is absolutely outstanding not to mention the acting from the ensemble cast with Colin Firth sure to be a front runner for all the major prizes. I hope he does win the Oscar for this it will be thoroughly deserved and long time coming.

Powerful, dramatic, inspiring, spine chilling...just a few adjectives that come to mind watching the trailer alone. Cannot wait to see the film itself.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Tree of Life

This trailer alone looks absolutely mesmerizing. Beautiful shots and the promise of wonderful performances all around. Not sure if I'll be able to handle this film to be honest....

Food Photography


 My favourite photo because it looks painfully French and I'm such a sucker for it!

 How lovely is that nice touch of the newspaper behind the chips in the little jar, rather cute don't you think?

 This looks heavenly. I've never tasted dark pasta like that.
 And how inviting is this toast and honeycomb! Heaven

How beautiful and yummy is this food photography? I stared at these images for hours on end quite speechless because of the sumptuousness of the food which made me fancy all sorts different things and also the beauty of the shots themselves and the obvious consideration for every little tiny detail that makes Jeff Kauck food photography so romantic. Maybe it's the time of the year, maybe it's the Christmas music but I found these images quite uplifting just thinking about food and the comfort that it brings. I simply want to eat non stop!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mille - Crysteena

This song makes me think of summer....already! It's that "digital" lamenting sound...makes me think of being out at a crazy time of night with a beautiful view and feeling like you only feel when you're on holiday when no worries can touch you!

Love it!

Mille - Crysteena from Upper First on Vimeo.

Scissor Sisters

Staying with the sexual theme and shocking imagery Scissor Sisters's Invisible Light proves quite the catchy tune. Slightly shocking visuals but still in that high fashion, glossy magazine kind of way!

But hey you gotta grab the attention somehow these days.

Invisible Light from Dan Tran on Vimeo.

Luca Mantovanelli

Oh My...Nice series of oil and pencil on paper by London based illustrator Luca Mantovanelli titled Extinction

There something quite fascinating about these quasi abstract images and their sexual nature.

Banana Reviews...

Another Year directed by Mike Leigh

The story centers around long term married couple Tom and Gerri – played with effortless style by Jim Broadbent and Ruth Sheen respectively; married for 30 years at least, they have remained happily married and continue to lead a normal and content life with each other.

Their unblemished, balanced and simple marital bliss becomes the perfect backdrop against which throughout the course of one year, we see friends and family enter and disappear, each of their stories unfolding with a higher or lesser degree of heartbreak, failed realizations and various personal issues.

One of the most prominent figures in this medley is Mary played by Lesley Manville who steals the show as far as I'm concerned; she is absolutely superb and for me one of the most amazing performances I've ever seen. Heartbreakingly funny but also infuriatingly childish, naïve and irresponsible. Too keen to escape her reality and obvious problems through alcohol and cigarettes, she chooses to stick close to the golden couple, a social crutch of sorts, who have come to represent her own vision and in many ways a universal one too of personal bliss. Sadly in this instance, that vision terribly unfulfilled.
It is through this loneliness that Mary becomes ready to latch on to any embodiment of a possible “saviour” which in this case seems to materialise in the shape of Tom and Gerri's only son Joe ( Oliver Maltman ) . Their casual banter is totally misinterpreted by Mary which in turn creates the perfect recipe for disaster and more sentimental woes when Joe brings home his new girlfriend. We see Mary transform from the sweet natured albeit ditzy and vulnerable woman to cantankerous and horribly rude thus creating a rift between her and the only meaningful connection she still has left.

I had many moments throughout the course of this film where I kept thinking “please God let me not end up like that” I couldn't bear it and the phrase “life's so unkind” was mentioned enough to stay with me for a few days but there are many many funny moments here and they are truly delightful, most of them are born from the subtleties that Leigh, the master that he is, captures and the actors create through their performances and all in all they serve to remind that life is also funny.

Ending on a single frame of Mary's sad expression, those sparkly blue eyes that seem to shelter such deep unhappiness and a want for her own place in the sun, leaves a lasting bittersweet taste in your mouth and it's hard to not question one's own destiny when you're left with that haunting image on the screen.

Still, I would totally recommend this film as painful as it might be to watch at times. It's a great character study and the seemingly low key direction is a wonderful testament to the genius that is Mike Leigh as well as his actors and crew.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Banana Loves...

Words cannot describe how much I love this animation. Wonderful execution, great comedic timing and cute sound effects. Banana!

Pure joy!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Google Books


What a charming spot this is by Buck one of my favourite creative studios.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Banana Likes...

I've seen this artist play a few times now and every time single time he puts on a great show packed full of energy and stage presence and a totally unique sound. I hope next year is going to be big for him.

Today saw the Itunes launch of his debut single Modern Day Romance and I even did something which I haven't done in a while : bought it!!! Considering that I only part with my money to buys music these days very very rarely, meaning I really have to like someone to do that today's gesture says a lot in my books anyways.

Show your support too you this is one artist truly worth it!

  Modern Day Romance by Jaggamusic

Banana Rates...

I love London. London is pretty cool and I haven't even seen half of it. This video is a lovely tribute sort of speak.

Visit London '5 Favourite Things' from Matt Keen on Vimeo.

Black Swan

I love all these new posters for Black Swan. They all look beautiful. The graphic style ones are very cleverly constructed, the more blocky one reminding me very much about the constructivism art movement itself. 

My personal favourite though is the one below I think it has a cinematic quality to it and I think it captures Natalie Portman in a unique way; her obvious physical beauty set against the darkness   that her character calls for. I think that's a brilliant moment captured right there.

I'm so interested in this movie it's beyond ridic now!!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Banana Rates...

 This latest spot from Psyop. What an epic of epic epicness as Scott Pilgrim would say. Seriously these guys are in a league of their own and who would've thought ads for the humble hoover appliance would carry such drama one day?! Not too mention the type of creativity you would associate with a full length animated feature.

Amazing work!!!


Little Comets

I like Fridays and I like discovering new bands like this one: Little Comets http://www.myspace.com/littlecometsmusic

What a great little video with just the type of cinematography that I like so much.

Penguin Prison

Absolutely love this track and how it gradually builds up starting out quite dark and subdued building steadily to a pumped up rythm and synths led by the amazing vocals of PP. Had the pleasure of catching a little bit of this guy's set a few weeks back at Hoxton just before Jagga played and him and his band sound absolutely amazing. Impeccable vocals. Can't wait for the album next year. Nice artwork too!! ;)

  Penguin Prison - Golden Train (Pink Stallone Remix) by Hypetrak

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Frankie & Alice

Erm nobody told me they were making a film about me!!!

Banana Obsessions

I have a serious obsession with tights that shows no sign of abating. I have become totally addicted to buying them even though there's no chance in hell I'll be able to wear them till pretty much next year not with the freezing conditions gripping London at the moment anyway. It's almost like a compulsive disorder to buy them as soon as I see a pretty design and hoard them in my tights/stockings basket like a squirrel storing food over winter. What's wrong with me? Needless to say that I want all of these designs right here....and this is just a tiny collection. Help me!!!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Banana Loves...

Absolutely stunning video for Sia's I'm in Here.

For somebody with an acute fear of flying and anything to do with watching planes fly I enjoyed watching this far too much. Must be the romantically creative visuals and the overall colour palette  which made me think for a split second that flying is actually quite beautiful. The movement of the shadows is a really nice touch whilst capturing the windows as they frost away at I don't even want to know what altitude denotes an imaginative approach to capturing the little things most of us don't even take notice and showing them in quite a captivating and almost eerie new light. 

I could watch this over and over I tell you.

The song is slightly different than to what I remember the album version to sound like, a stripped down and more mellow version allowing Sia's beautiful vocals to shine through and enhance the  almost hypnotic effect of the visuals as they unravel over time.

Beautiful video overall.

Sia - I'm in Here from David Altobelli on Vimeo.

Salma Hayek

Only just mentioned her and look who's on the cover of V magazine!!! Shot by sartorial maestro Karl Lagerfeld no less...


Black Swan


 I don't think I have enough words to say how much I am looking forward to seeing this film. Can February get here any quicker?! I think I'm about to implode!

How cool is this latest poster artwork by the way?

The Tempest

I like the occasional fantasy film and I find usually at this time of year I'm more open minded towards these sort of productions. Something that strikes me about this one though is the cast involved, Helen Mirren, Alfred Molina, Chris Cooper, Russell Brand...are just some of the people I enjoy seeing on the big screen and from the director - Julie Taymor - who brought me the beautiful Frida with screen siren Selma Hayek - I wish I looked like her damn it!!! -  a film which I distinctly remember of being the only one for my  group of friends at the time who "got" it.

I'm quite intrigued by her latest creative vision which is based on a Shakesperean play; she's already changed the dynamics by changing the main character from a man Prospero to a woman Prospera - interpreted by Helen Mirren - but also because Taymor seems to have a unique visual style and going with my previous thumbs up for Frida I'm tempted to think this one won't disappoint either.

Banana Wishes

Happy Birthday to the man, the legend that is Woody Allen. He's 75 today God bless him! May he continue to give us great movies like my personal favourite, Annie Hall. I've still loads more of his  films to get through the next on my list being Manhattan.

Anyway I hope he stays in good health for a little while longer just because I think he's an absolute genius.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Banana Rates...

This wonderfully dark video for The Naked and The Famous' Girls Like You.

I especially like it when what you see on screen matches what's going on with the music. That and the fact it looks so dark but rich with color and then the super slow motion kicks in - which again is one of my favourite things ever - makes me like this even more.

Directed by Special Problems responsible for pretty much all of their previous videos as well. Check it out. The song is pretty cool too.

The Naked and Famous - Girls Like You from Special Problems on Vimeo.

Marion Bolognesi

These designs by NY artist Marion Bolognesi are absolutely gorgeous to look at and what a great style focusing only on the eyes. Beautiful use of colours too which makes these images simply breathtaking to look at.  

Kanye also gave her props on his blog a little while back and that in today's popular culture terms means basically you've made it!

Her official stuff lives here:http://www.marion-b.com/

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Another Year

This looks absolutely beautiful. First time I'm having a proper look at the trailer and I look forward to watching it.

Another Year Trailer from Classic FM on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Event

I'm really hoping the rumours are not true and this excellent series hasn't been canceled as it is thrilling my otherwise boring existence with its intense , edge of your seat plot and clever twists. Probably the most instantly engaging series to hit the screens since Lost - for me anyways - encapsulating a love story, political  conspiracy thrills, a good dose of science fiction, all wrapped up nicely in mystery to form this credible and very exciting TV format. Guarantee you'll be hooked after watching just one episode.

Some good newcomers too James Ritter, - son of John Ritter - Sarah Roemer, Taylor Cole as well as more established familiar faces Blair Underwood who is absolutely exquisite  in his role  of dignified and  morally strong president of the United States and Laura Innes as the leader of the non human species at the center of the plot who herself handles things in a very
The fact that there are so many questions we start asking straight away is only testament to the excellent writing and clever construction of this series but unlike Lost things get explained fairly quickly and you don't have to wait a long time to get some answers...even once some  of them are provided you find yourself asking new questions...but all in all I am 100% hooked on this and having devoured the first five episodes online 4OD, I now have to wait 7 whole days for a weekly fix each time! No fair!

Catch The Event every Friday on Channel 4. You've been told!

Levi's "The Trucker"

Levi's 'The Trucker' directors cut from Laundry! on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Above Everything Else

This is simply breath taking...and all through the magic of CG.


Silestone -- 'Above Everything Else' from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Movie RoundUp

I finally managed to catch up on some movie watching action and filled up these two Hollywood offerings.

State of Play proved quite a nice surprise considering I tend to instinctively avoid anything with Russell Crowe in it due to the fact that in spite of knowing he is an excellent actor I just can't...well....stand this guy's guts basically. With the exception of Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind I've pretty much turned a blind eye to any other production he's been involved with. Silly I know but if you hate the guy whaddaya gona do huh?!

Anyway State of Play proved to be a very thrilling ride with a good pace and a story that unravels bit by bit to keep that interest going till the end and nice twists and turns along the way to maintain the excitement. Political thriller delivered in a gutsy manner and a great insight into political investigative reporting. I'm telling you now I don't think I could do this myself, I know it's not real, it's a movie but couldn't do it.

Depending on how weak your nerves are it could be a nail biting affair but nevertheless it's a solid story with strong performances all around from a diverse cast. Based on the BBC series - ooooh I say - this big screen adaptation deserves a viewing or three  and like me, you might even find yourself rooting for the good guy - Crowe - to get all the baddies...

On the other side of the spectrum Julie & Julia is a sweet story about the real life chef Julia Child who  back in the 60s made history for introducing American audiences to French cooking and Julie Powell who decades later, herself makes history when her blog Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen - based on Julia Child's bestselling book How to Master the Art of French Cooking. - picks up a huge fan base resulting in a book deal for her and later on this said film adaptation. 

It's a well constructed light hearted film with both stories being told in parallel but  each one with  its own individual charm  and an overall girly quality to it that I suppose will inevitably appeal to female audiences more so. The power of this movie is such that after viewing it I actually felt compelled to cook something really French - only managed some pasta with chicken and courgette but it was the best Goddamn pasta I cooked in my life, real passion went into making that and it did have a certain  French quality to it if I may say so myself - anywhoo back to the film itself although not a cinematic revelation  by any means, it did provide the entertainment for a lazy afternoon and seeing Meryl Streep get into this larger than life character is a joy to watch; the real Julia Child's spirit as portrayed by Streep  is actually something of a wonder and well worthy of admiration; initially refused entry into the professional chef school and being told she'd never learn to cook the proper French way she went on to achieve...well what we now know she was able to achieve. Streep as always delivers a great performance and never falters in her "impersonation" putting on a highly comical voice and mannerisms which can only come with a highly detailed character study. Amy Adams, we all know is a good actress and she plays her character well and it really is interesting seeing their long suffering respective partners go on a journey with these two quite incredible women.

I would definitely recommend this movie as a pleasant viewing experience and a lovely  testament to the wonderful art of cooking.