Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Banana Listens To...

Ok...new reasons to get excited, inspired etc etc...downloaded this album yesterday and it really struck a chord with me. I saw the video for We Want War a couple of months back and I was hooked and intrigued by these guys. The subsequent new album buzz - this is their second - on various music sites and blogs made me even more curious. I've only managed to listen to it once so far whilst going for a run last night and I'm pretty hooked. It's so dark and atmospheric with aggressive drum beats and ear distorting bass lines. It's quite experimental I suppose but I can't help at being mesmerized by it, some of the sounds are so strange but somehow manage to work so well together and the result is beautifully dark. Of course there are some mellow moments too, piano led instrumentals and flute/xylophone/brass intros - don't quote me on this as I'm not too sure - but these are quite brief as the antagonistic drums are never too far behind and the disposition is quickly reset to moody and stark and even the children choir on 5 gives it an almost unsettling haunting quality. While I was listening to it last night I kept seeing these images in my mind for what their respective music videos might look like. I kept thinking some of the tracks would make a perfect soundtrack for a gritty British film, for example Three Thousand would really work on like a British gangster movie but obviously not the glamorous gangster type but the real council estate hardened up, violent type... Anywhoo, the video for We Want War was directed but this guy called Daniel Askill whom I have checked out since falling in love with his work and I found he did this short film which looks absolutely stunning. Of course it's abstract but it's enthralling and once again mesmerizing with a soundtrack that just enhances the visual experience. Check out his work below.

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