Sunday, 10 January 2010

Banana Watches...

One thing I was definitely slacking on last year was my movie going habit which kinda fell on the side...that and my reading too. But part of my character reformation for 2010 is to catch up on those things and my first cinema experience for this year was most definitely an epic one. Bar the very early start for a Saturday anyways, I have to say that seeing Avatar turned out to be a good move. It was also my very first experience of seeing a film in 3d...with the glasses and everything....I know I haven't lived! Sigh...anywhoooo I went along cause it was a freebie so I had nothing to lose. The Empire in Leicester Square was absolutely packed with fellow sleepy faces but the excitement was most definitely tangible and somewhere deep down inside me I was giddy with anticipation too at my first 3d experience. And what can I say, I have never experienced so much entertainment on a freezing Saturday morning, it was definitely more than my little brain was expecting. But it was good, I enjoyed this movie much more than I thought I would. Visually it is absolutely beautiful, the special effects are amazing as you'd expect a film with a budget exceeding the $300 million mark would display. The scenes on Pandora are so startling I couldn't help at wanting this place to actually be real so I could go there myself and while the film does display the cliche American dialogue - James Cameron has always been criticized for his dialogue writing skills - the story itself is quite touching and as I said before the technical achievements of this film are to be applauded. All in all it was a good experience, I would definitely watch this again, Avatar was a pleasant surprise for me. I would say it's worth seeing but I wouldn't force feed it on to anyone. Pow

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