Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fenech Soler

I like to treat my little ears now and then you know..and thanks to a very helpful insider's tip I checked out this band over the weekend and what can I say I'm in love. Listening to these guys puts me in a constant mood for dancing and not just any type of dancing...the kind you do on a Fri night at home by yourself when you turn your living room or in my case just my room into the funkiest dance floor the world has ever seen - with the help of a few glasses of wine of course - , throwing everything with sequins on and pulling some crazy shapes that even the coolest scenester from East Londo would be jealous of. After having a few good months of pretty much obsessing over Julian Casablancas and The XX, albums respectively, subconsciously I think I was ready for the next big thing and Fenech-Soler are proving to be much more than a simple remedy for melancholy January and a good lesson in what The Klaxons could never be because you know...they're so much up their own arses and way too concerned with how many lines of glitter they should apply on their cheeks.... Anywhoo back to Fenech-Soler...big sound bursting with melodic synth flavored rhythms, the occasional aggressive drum beats but carried throughout by the soft vocals and glazed with indie electro pop dance-ability these guys have next big thing pretty much plastered all over their white skinny jeans and sequined tops and yes I am pretty jealous of the sequin jacket rocked by the lead singer in their Lies video. My little feet can't stop dancing and I can't stop dreaming of the summer. Fenech Soler thanks for putting a smile on my face, time to get excited again me thinks.
Check out their magnificent work at: http://www.myspace.com/fenechsoler

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