Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I am A Great Man

So last summer I was involved with this project, it was pretty much a last minute thing that also led to an impromptu appearance in front of the camera. I was mainly supposed to assist the props department and generally help out on the day but you see it would've been such a shame for my dashing good looks to go unnoticed like that and good thing too that the producer came to her senses and saw some potential in there which led her to mutter hose magic words " Would you like to help us out with this one scene? " and of course with me being the good Samaritan that I am I could not refuse. It was such a great experience albeit way too short for me. Filming was spread over a couple of weekends and I unfortunately couldn't commit to more than just the one but that should be enough I reckon to guarantee me a little cheeky credit at the end. Anywhoo the guys have set up a facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Am-A-Great-Man/189229854002?ref=search&sid=513365307.3903705595..1page - keeping us entertained with the latest progress on the editing front, little video snippets and behind the scenes images and I must say I am very impressed. The trailer has been released today and you can check it out below and oh yeah the film is meant to be one of those mocumentaries about a politician and the crazy little world he lives in. Enjoy

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