Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Banana Rates...

I've recently watched this movie - last Sunday - courtesy of a friend who lent it to me. I had wanted to see this a long time ago - I am aware I keep using this phrase but it's true - and I am glad I've finally watched it is an absolutely stunning movie. Beautifully captured and amazing acting albeit some pretty graphic and quite violent sex scenes but the story is quite thrilling and while I was watching I thought if I had had to do some of the scenes I would've just cried...straight up. Lead actress Tang Wei who was picked from more than 10,000 actresses to play this role and was also in her first major movie role drives this film and all the credit to her because she's so graceful and innocent with an underlying strength that you'd never imagine this is a debutante. The male lead played by Tony Leung Chiu-Wai - have fun trying to pronounce that name! - is also quite fascinating as he seems to be pure evil and yet....somewhere deep down...brilliantly acted as well and although you want to punch him you can't help at being completely ensnared and you almost feel sorry for the character in the end... I was pretty transfixed too with the costumes especially the stuff they had her in, the make up and in general all the little touches like the women who were quite obviously rich would always have perfectly manicured nails, the jewelery they wore was exquisite yet I know I would never wear most of that stuff cause I'm just not lady enough...all in all though Lust Caution is a great movie, deceit, suspense, thriller, murder but ultimately a story about love and conflict and with quite a sad ending. Definitely worth checking out.

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