Sunday, 17 January 2010

Up In The Air

So yesterday I managed to check out another film at the cinema and this time I opted for something less epic and action packed...I chose clever dialogue and story and even though it felt like we'd crashed some community day trip - the majority of the audience were. how can I put this...well....old, I mean the screening room smelled of death okay - it was definitely a good choice. Plus it does have George Clooney in it and that's always a plus but what an amazing movie...great story and well acted no wonder it has the Golden Globe and Oscar buzz all around it, I expect it will do well all the same. My favourite line when Natalie (Anna Kendrick) says full of confidence that "during times of crisis children tend to apply themselves better academically" or something like that anyways, J.K Simmons' character pauses and looks at her for a second before concluding " Go fuck yourself!!"....classic. Worth checking out!

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