Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Kanye West

Love this chilly video for Kanye West's Coldest Winter - see what I did there?! - directed by long term collaborator Nabil Elderkin. I love the song too.

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL "ITUNES link below" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What A Band...

....what a fucking band!!!" said a random intoxicated man last month at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen and if you had been there you'd know what band he's talking about but I'm assuming you probably weren't so I'll tell you. The band in question was Local Natives and they were pretty amazing on the night. Last year during the summer I did a lot of listening to the Fleet Foxes album and loved it, more recently as in just before Christmas I was listening to Grizzly Bear's widely praised Veckatimest and if subconsciously I had been waiting for the newest barbershop harmonies and heavy bearded and slightly twee group to fill some sort of emotional gap well these guys certainly did the trick for me. I love this video, it's got quite a rustic feel to it in the way it looks and I like when it starts to go very wrong right at the end, it almost reminds me of Peter Gabriel's videos which even though scary - at that time for me anyways - were always extremely fascinating to watch.

Avatar Review

Nice video and pretty clever too.

Mary Katrantzou

Another Central Saint Martins graduate and another collection for Topshop but of course...this time from Greek born designer Mary Katrantzou. It's the first time I've heard of her but I already love her bold prints and I especially love this little green number which seems to be teasing me....saying things to me... Check out her other awesome designs at:

Banana Likes...

This cute stop motion spot for the Washington Lottery. Now if only I could just win the Euromillions...

Monday, 22 February 2010

I heart Urban Outfitters

When you're just waiting for pay day to arrive the worst thing you can possibly do is scour the internet for new items of clothes you might want thus virtually spending all your money before you even get it...not a good move but I just love Urban Outfitters and today whilst I had found a Jack Wills quilted jacket in one of my favorite colors, navy, but consequently found out that they had sold out my size I was heartbroken...until I found this other specimen in one of my other favourite colors, grey and life doesn't seem so bad after all...and while I was at it I also found this cute pair of shorts me also likey. I've made a pact with myself right...that this year I'm going to try and not buy one pair of jeans..trying to move away from the jeans/denim skirt and t-shirt combo and steer towards a more grown up, smarter look...we'll have to see how that one works out!

Banana Lusts After...

Wedges...apparently they're gonna be big this spring/summer season and I'm quite liking the idea of possibly investing in a pair myself! I like these first ones, I found them on ASOS, I like the colour a lot since spring/summer is gonna be big on nudes as well...according to the fashionista set yet again...I'm liking this whole new found interest in fashion, it suits me I think...

Bafta Awards 2010

I missed the Baftas last night, totally forgot they were fact I don't even remember knowing that they were going to be on, only realized this morning as I was reading the low down on last night's ceremony. I'm not even going to talk about the awards, except maybe that I'm glad Fish Tank won something and Colin Firth winning was absolutely no surprise even though I didn't think much of A Single Man except that it did look beautiful and had a great soundtrack, but check out how hot Kate Winslet looked!!! Ok I am a big fan anyway, but nevertheless no one can deny the fact that she looks like the hot momma that she is. I really don't get the whole obsession people have about her figure, constantly going on about either that she's too big or too thin...she looks amazing , I absolutely adore her as an actress and was delighted for her last year, finally getting that elusive Oscar she should've gotten long time ago...funny thing was that I had decided to stay up and watch the ceremony for the first time ever because I was sure she was going to win this time and what did I do?! I only bloody fell asleep at one point and woke up just as she was saying the final thank yous...I'm gonna try again this year and see how that goes but the whole point of this post was to talk about how amazing Ms. Winslet looked last night in her Stella McCartney dress and that I have decided I'm going to start talking about fashion related keep checking out this space!


So last night I watched Thirteen, finally, loooooong overdue but I loved it. Quite shocking in places and hard to watch at times but amazingly acted by both leads, Nikki Reed who also co-wrote this and Evan Rachel Wood, the latter in what I think was her breakthrough role considering the film did so well on the festival circuit when it came out. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke who also directed Lords of Dog Town in which Nikki Reed also starred...anywhoo back to Miss Wood who plays Tracy a girl who wants to fit in so bad that unfortunately ends up on the wrong side of the tracks, trying to get in with the popular crowd at school she starts acting up, doing some pretty fucked up shit, alienating all her old friends and putting a massive strain on an already fragile family unit... in the end we pretty much know that she'll be ok but massive kudos has to be given to all the actors, Holly Hunter is brilliant as the frustratingly oblivious mum although it's obvious how much she loves her children and wants them to be as comfortable as possible...Jeremy Sisto whom despite of the dark characters he keeps on playing, I have developed quite a bit of a crush on - I totally hated him in Waitress as in the character he was playing, but here I found myself having a lot of empathy for him as the boyfriend who wants to support his partner but has to fight off the constant bad rep he gets from the kids especially Tracy - but for me Evan Rachel Wood is the star of the show, she's just absolutely brilliant and she handled this difficult/challenging role with such assurance and maturity that went way beyond the 15 years she was at the time when this was filmed. To me it seems like this was just the beginning in a long line of edgy characters she was to portray later on most notably in Running with Scissors and The Wrestler. And she seems quite the remarkable young lady in real life too, dating odd ball rocker Marilyn Manson - apparently they are now engaged - , getting that all important spiritual tattoo, experimenting with hair colour...ok I'm turning slightly sarcastic here, I genuinely do like her a lot and I look forward to seeing her in other cool things.

Banana Watches...

This great video for Liars "Scissor" from their new album Sisterworld out March 9.
I need to check these guys out properly, they're also going to be popping over in May, might have to check them out then.
But this video is absolutely awesome!!! Best I've seen in a while with the most amazing ghostly - without being scary - vocal harmonies since Antony Hegarty - he did scare me the first time I heard his stuff -.
Check out and for more!

Forget Me Not

I wasn't really going to talk about fashion here but lately I find myself increasingly drawn towards the fashion world and with London Fashion Week in full swing daaahling I think I may just have been officially beaten by the bug! But today, I came across these absolutely exquisite prints and have to say I am in luuuuurve and if there was like a Spring Santa or something like that I'd most definitely put this on top of my wish list...perhaps I could have a word with the Easter Bunny instead. But at €270 these babies don't come cheap so not too sure how that will work out... Anywhoo, Forget Me Not is the brainchild of illustrator/artist Coco Pit and with that I have discovered another great source of inspiration and standard to aspire to. Check out her gorgeous work at:

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Could this Be Real

OK changing the mood here from somber to something more light hearted. I love this song so much it always puts me in the mood for summer and makes me think of some amazing beach and cool turquoise water paradise where I'd like to imagine myself having the time of my life. Bring on Summer 2010 holiday tiiiiiiiiiiiiimes I say!

Banana Watches...

This Fire Alarm Awareness ad looks pretty amazing even though it's obviously a very serious issue...these Government spots are always extremely hard hitting and very well executed and they sure do get their point across. I wonder what production company was behind this one, I like it a lot!

The Talented Mr. Dickinson II

Only because he's finally relented and signed up to be an official follower of my bloggy wogg thus razing that amount to 4 peeps...I have decided to post this pretty cool video that Pete shot a while ago with his super duper camera - since I don't actually understand anything about cameras I'll just refer to it as amazing - and even though it's only a test I say it looks pretty sweet nicely enhanced by the eerie soundtrack. As always....loving your work Pete!

Barbican Canon 5D Mark 2 Test from Peter Dickinson on Vimeo.

Banana Rates...

The most amazing viral campaign ever?! Pretty darn special...

Friday, 19 February 2010


This looks absolutely amazing!


With the cold weather showing no sign of abating it's hard to find the will power to engage in any social interactivity but sometimes you just have to make that extra effort, push yourself to the limit you know and choose a different destination when you get to that tube station instead of the usual work - home daily grind...I know it's tough...believe you me I've been there but sometimes it's good to break that pattern and that's what I did this week on Wednesday the 17th of Feb, swapping the usual Hendon Central destination for The Roxy Bar in Borough for their usual round up of the best short films out there. I had my personal reasons of course in that they were showing Gourmet, the little film I was in last summer...I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it once or four times by now. Anywhoo, staying true to myself of course I got lost on my way there but what was funny this time was that I managed to pass my destination point about three times as I kept going back and fourth on the same street...I couldn't see the bloody thing and ended up missing my big moment. It's ok though, seeing myself on the big screen was quite strange and I managed to avoid most of that by being late - and not because I walk in slow motion just like in the movie - . But the film itself was nicely received by fellow movie enthusiasts or geeks as I prefer to call 'em. The night itself played host to some interesting work as well as the occasional poor/crap/utterly shit effort...but the overall purpose is to meet and network with similar minded individuals, generate new ideas and get involved with various other projects. I had fun basically. My personal favorites on the night were two humanitarian/socially aware pieces, one called Djemba and the other titled No Way Through, which I encourage you to check out via the links below. Both of these projects were beautifully shot whilst being incredibly powerful due to the subject matter portrayed. I also loved the hilarious Arnolds Anonymous which had a very Office-esque feel to it whilst dealing with an unusual form of the Tourette syndrome..I'll let you figure that one out...and finally The Phantom Coach beautifully eerie and incredibly well executed via the wonderful world of puppetry. The next get together sort of speak will take place next month and I think I'll be checking it out once again. Check out some of the work I've mentioned via the links below:

Banana Likes...

This quirky video for Casiokids. I saw these guys ages ago at Camden's Barfly and thought they were absolutely amazing. Haven't really been following them in a while though but it's good to see them back on the scene with a great tune and cool video. Check out the cereal bowl in the beginning....mine doesn't do that does yours?! The Madonna-esque dance sequence it's pretty cool too...can you hear "Time goes slowly..." going on in the background when you watch that? I did...

Casiokids - En Vill Hest from Kristoffer Borgli on Vimeo.

Banana Rates...

This lovely spot for Asics...intensely eerie and atmospheric, almost a shame that it's for a running shoe! Still pretty to look at though.

Asics Running Film from PostPanic on Vimeo.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Banana Likes...

Here's a fun dose of "What Just Happened?!" to shake up the mid week tiredness and get you in the right spirit for the weekend...all I know is that when those kids go back to school next week I won't be able to keep on hitting the snooze button, drag myself out of bed at 8 and get to the bus stop for 8.30 and STILL make it to work on time because there's no traffic, no school runs, no posh mums in pink tracksuits driving their obnoxious 4 x 4s...damn you three schools in the area...and damn you 7am starts for depriving me of my beauty sleep, making me grow old before my time....and giving me a massive hump like everyday...
Anyway, back to the video....the animation is cool and it's funny too so watch it yeah!?


Monday, 15 February 2010

Banana Watches...

Here's a nice little video to indulge your synesthesia...and the song ain't bad either!

Ida Walked Away from takcom™ on Vimeo.

Manuel Rebollo Merino

As always I love discovering designers/illustrators who chose to celebrate the female form with stunning results in their work particularly when the designer happens to be a man and today I'd like to think that I've come across someone quite special. Manuel Rebollo Merino, hails from Spain and his artwork is absolutely amazing. I really like the way he combines his fashion drawings with typography telling little stories with each and every image. Very similar in a way to Kime Buzzelli's art although hers is more throwaway shabby chic if you like and has a miss match quality to it. Merino's work on the other hand comes across as quite carefully thought out and precise, not a line out of place...but still beautiful beautiful work and I likey very much.
Check out more of his work at:

Sunday, 14 February 2010

We Need to Talk about Kevin

So fresh from having finished this book and wondering what it would look like to be made into a film...I find out that it going to be made into a film starring Tilda Swinton as Eva Khatchadourian and John C Reilly as Franklin. I'm really curious as to who will take on the complexity of a character like Kevin, that's sure to be a challenge for any actor but I personally think that Tilda is a great cast as the mom. She even has the angular features that her character mentions in the book - due to her Armenian heritage - plus she's meant to be a high flying career woman which again I think that easily comes across from Tilda but I have to say that I'm a bit unsure about the John C Reilly part. I love him but I love him for the silly comedies he's been in and I struggle picturing him next to Tilda, as two people who are meant to be partners...but maybe that's the whole point because her character is obviously the Alpha partner in their relationship. The other funny thing is that today I watched a movie called Ratcatcher directed by Lynne Ramsay and she'll be the one directing We Need To Talk about Kevin...kinda funny in a way! I can't wait to see this one I must say, filming is due to start in April and whoever will end up playing Kevin, good luck to him!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Get Him to The Greek

Just seen the trailer looks alright to be honest not sure how funny it will actually be but I had personal reason to get excited cause I did two days extra work last year back in August for this...I'll be curious to see whether I feature in the party scene as I was literally standing right next to Russell Brand and's quite funny really, Hollywood trailer! What next eh?!...kiss and tell in The Sun newspaper...

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Banana Watches...

This lovely story featuring some of my favorite and white cinematography, slow motion and Paris! Great soundtrack too that just nicely compliments the visuals. Trés beau!

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Banana Rates...

I'm not much of a fan of skate videos - although I did love Lords of Dogtown the movie and the documentary it was based on Dogtown and Z-Boys- but I really like this one and I tell you for why...well for one it is different: the idea, the look... The camera work is flawless with that lovely, warm quality to the image that just puts you in a summery mood and makes you wish time would just hurry up and bring the sunshine back and an amazing track which makes you just stop whatever you're doing and simply enjoy this beautiful work...kinda makes me wish I could skate but only if I can do as well as these guys and in the lovely Californian sun...and in slow motion....good chance of that happening then! Enjoy!

Wizard Smoke from Salazar on Vimeo.

Banana Watches...

This is one beast of a song from Wild Beasts - see what I did there! - and although I really like the video I'm more impressed by the singer's vocals...what a range!...I got the same feeling as when I first heard Antony and The Johnsons although perhaps not as freaked out cause he like to dress up like a woman and all....but Hayden Thorpe...immediately arresting...I'm going to check these guys out properly now. Pretty cool name too!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Banana Loves...

This woman...Charlotte Gainsbourg...I think I just want to be her really! I have her new album as well which I haven't managed to listen to it yet. I'll do it these days and shall report back with a verdict and maybe a bit of a review if you're lucky.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Banana Reads...

Fresh from finishing We Need To Talk about Kevin which I have to say left me pretty astonished as the twist at the end caught me most definitely by surprise, I have made a new companion for my journey to and from work, in the form of this book. Given to me by another book aficionado colleague from work, I did attempt to start this book previously but decided I wanted to read other ones instead. Now I felt ready to take this one on and I'm just about to get into it. It's only the beginning of the story, the characters are merely starting to take shape in my mind's eye...but I've read good reviews and apparently it's a nice little atmospheric thriller - based around the murder investigation of this New York socialite, Lillian Wallace who's washed up body ends up in a little fishing village called Amagansett - I'm also interested in reading this guy's other famous novel, The Savage Garden which I'll definitely be checking out at some point. I like to read not to lead...


Another movie trailer for a film I'm very interested in seeing. I've just watched the trailer and it literally made me cry. As much as I love my depressing movies - I seem to be the only person who can watch Requiem for Dream again and again get it, most people I've met have told me that they couldn't watch it more than the one time - I think this one will probably leave me with that sense of you know being run over by a truck...not that I have experienced that much but you get what I'm trying to say here.

A single Man

What could anyone expect from Tom Ford, the most stylish man on the planet?! Why a very stylish movie what else...and for a directorial debut securing all these big names is no mean feat either. I hear that Mr. Ford had to finance the whole venture himself since even with the prestige of being a world famous fashion designer, making a movie is whole different kettle of fish. Buuuut... Judging by the amazing visuals from the trailer this movie seems pretty special and no doubt will win a lot of awards. Colin Firth has already been nominated for an Oscar for his performance and doesn't he just remind you of a another British legendary actor what with his sharp suit and 60s style glasses...hhhhhmmm....I'll let you decide! I really look forward to seeing this movie.


I'm very excited this lady is coming back with a new album, out next Monday no less... Soldier of Love the 9th album from the woman who continues to be something of an enigma. Famously recluse, she rarely gives interviews and you hardly ever hear anything about her personal life. I heard the title track back in December and absolutely loved it and the video is an great visual interpretation too. I remember being in school and watching MTV whilst getting ready in the morning and whenever No Ordinary Love came on I used to just stop and watch the video whilst being completely mesmerized by it. I remember thinking the wedding dress was kinda strange...but particularly touched by the underwater sequences. And it's such a beautiful song that even now after all these years it brings a shiver down my spine. Her honey dew vocals still have the power to cut straight to the core whilst her looks have remained intact - she is 51 no less- This is one classy lady and I am in absolute awe...I read somewhere that if you're going through a break up the best thing to do is get yourself a blanket, some chocolate and stick on the Sade collection...I haven't tried that method myself but I can see how it would work. Anywhoo check out the link below for No Ordinary Love, I couldn't embed it since the record label peeps don't allow that but it's worth checking out and you'll hopefully see what I mean.

Sade - Soldier Of Love from DarkFish Entertainment on Vimeo.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Banana Watches...

This amazing video for Massive Attack's Splitting the Atom. I'll just go right ahead and put this in "How did they think of that" box together with a few selected other videos...It's so clever and stylishly carried throughout. Only one word required really : stunning!

Massive Attack-Splitting the Atom-directed by Edouard Salier from edouard salier on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Well looky what we have here

Since we're in full bragging mode check out this little link:
You might recall me talking about a particular project I was involved with last summer called Gourmet in which I played the male lead's "dream girl" or The One...well the lovely guys who made this film have just released the trailer and they'll be entering it into all sorts of festivals so finger's crossed...

Banana Loves...

This video from Radio 1's Live Lounge featuring Example. This is a really beautiful version of his current single Won't Go Quietly and first time I heard it, it sent shivers down my spine. The stripped down instrumentals complimented by the lovely vocal harmonies - with a little help from Basement Jaxx long term vocalist Vula - make this a trully special affair indeed . I love Live Lounge for that...artists presenting their work in a different style than we'd expect, it almost makes you appreciate their work more and I always look forward to hearing the covers too, they've become a sort of long standing tradition, like the Queen's speech on Christmas day...but without the cabbage smell!!! I better be nice to her Majesty actually otherwise they'll never give me that British passport I've had my eyes on for years now...anywhoo Example took on Tik Tok - which I used to hate but has managed to grow on me - and put his own spin on it which is pretty cool too and you can check that out here : And here's a little known fact...ok I'm going to brag a bit here but...I was supposed to attend the casting session for the Won't Go Quietly video lead...and I couldn't make it...gutted but oh well it wasn't meant to be I guess...

Anna Higgie

I love this artist and even though I check her blog everyday, she's on my igoogle page so I'm always kept up to date, I've never spoken about her. I really like her drawing style because it sort of looks childish to a certain extent but it's obviously carried out in quite an educated manner and her composition skills are pretty amazing. I especially like her fashion related drawings but her portraits are quite special too and the detail with which she carries them out, again, pretty darn amazing. Check out her stuff at: