Monday, 22 February 2010

I heart Urban Outfitters

When you're just waiting for pay day to arrive the worst thing you can possibly do is scour the internet for new items of clothes you might want thus virtually spending all your money before you even get it...not a good move but I just love Urban Outfitters and today whilst I had found a Jack Wills quilted jacket in one of my favorite colors, navy, but consequently found out that they had sold out my size I was heartbroken...until I found this other specimen in one of my other favourite colors, grey and life doesn't seem so bad after all...and while I was at it I also found this cute pair of shorts me also likey. I've made a pact with myself right...that this year I'm going to try and not buy one pair of jeans..trying to move away from the jeans/denim skirt and t-shirt combo and steer towards a more grown up, smarter look...we'll have to see how that one works out!

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