Friday, 19 February 2010


With the cold weather showing no sign of abating it's hard to find the will power to engage in any social interactivity but sometimes you just have to make that extra effort, push yourself to the limit you know and choose a different destination when you get to that tube station instead of the usual work - home daily grind...I know it's tough...believe you me I've been there but sometimes it's good to break that pattern and that's what I did this week on Wednesday the 17th of Feb, swapping the usual Hendon Central destination for The Roxy Bar in Borough for their usual round up of the best short films out there. I had my personal reasons of course in that they were showing Gourmet, the little film I was in last summer...I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it once or four times by now. Anywhoo, staying true to myself of course I got lost on my way there but what was funny this time was that I managed to pass my destination point about three times as I kept going back and fourth on the same street...I couldn't see the bloody thing and ended up missing my big moment. It's ok though, seeing myself on the big screen was quite strange and I managed to avoid most of that by being late - and not because I walk in slow motion just like in the movie - . But the film itself was nicely received by fellow movie enthusiasts or geeks as I prefer to call 'em. The night itself played host to some interesting work as well as the occasional poor/crap/utterly shit effort...but the overall purpose is to meet and network with similar minded individuals, generate new ideas and get involved with various other projects. I had fun basically. My personal favorites on the night were two humanitarian/socially aware pieces, one called Djemba and the other titled No Way Through, which I encourage you to check out via the links below. Both of these projects were beautifully shot whilst being incredibly powerful due to the subject matter portrayed. I also loved the hilarious Arnolds Anonymous which had a very Office-esque feel to it whilst dealing with an unusual form of the Tourette syndrome..I'll let you figure that one out...and finally The Phantom Coach beautifully eerie and incredibly well executed via the wonderful world of puppetry. The next get together sort of speak will take place next month and I think I'll be checking it out once again. Check out some of the work I've mentioned via the links below:

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