Monday, 22 February 2010


So last night I watched Thirteen, finally, loooooong overdue but I loved it. Quite shocking in places and hard to watch at times but amazingly acted by both leads, Nikki Reed who also co-wrote this and Evan Rachel Wood, the latter in what I think was her breakthrough role considering the film did so well on the festival circuit when it came out. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke who also directed Lords of Dog Town in which Nikki Reed also starred...anywhoo back to Miss Wood who plays Tracy a girl who wants to fit in so bad that unfortunately ends up on the wrong side of the tracks, trying to get in with the popular crowd at school she starts acting up, doing some pretty fucked up shit, alienating all her old friends and putting a massive strain on an already fragile family unit... in the end we pretty much know that she'll be ok but massive kudos has to be given to all the actors, Holly Hunter is brilliant as the frustratingly oblivious mum although it's obvious how much she loves her children and wants them to be as comfortable as possible...Jeremy Sisto whom despite of the dark characters he keeps on playing, I have developed quite a bit of a crush on - I totally hated him in Waitress as in the character he was playing, but here I found myself having a lot of empathy for him as the boyfriend who wants to support his partner but has to fight off the constant bad rep he gets from the kids especially Tracy - but for me Evan Rachel Wood is the star of the show, she's just absolutely brilliant and she handled this difficult/challenging role with such assurance and maturity that went way beyond the 15 years she was at the time when this was filmed. To me it seems like this was just the beginning in a long line of edgy characters she was to portray later on most notably in Running with Scissors and The Wrestler. And she seems quite the remarkable young lady in real life too, dating odd ball rocker Marilyn Manson - apparently they are now engaged - , getting that all important spiritual tattoo, experimenting with hair colour...ok I'm turning slightly sarcastic here, I genuinely do like her a lot and I look forward to seeing her in other cool things.

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