Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What A Band...

....what a fucking band!!!" said a random intoxicated man last month at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen and if you had been there you'd know what band he's talking about but I'm assuming you probably weren't so I'll tell you. The band in question was Local Natives and they were pretty amazing on the night. Last year during the summer I did a lot of listening to the Fleet Foxes album and loved it, more recently as in just before Christmas I was listening to Grizzly Bear's widely praised Veckatimest and if subconsciously I had been waiting for the newest barbershop harmonies and heavy bearded and slightly twee group to fill some sort of emotional gap well these guys certainly did the trick for me. I love this video, it's got quite a rustic feel to it in the way it looks and I like when it starts to go very wrong right at the end, it almost reminds me of Peter Gabriel's videos which even though scary - at that time for me anyways - were always extremely fascinating to watch.

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