Sunday, 14 March 2010

Banana Watches...

So I finally managed to watch this movie, I've had it for about two weeks and thought I better watch it so I can get on with the other 400 or so films on my LoveFilm list. I'm a big Sigourney Weaver fan anyway although I haven't seen that many of her films but I like how she comes across in interviews, she seems very down to Earth and just sort of nice all around human being. I also think she's absolutely beautiful. Anyway, this movie, I'm glad I saw it even though it is quite old and the dubbing is annoying in parts because it's so blatantly out of sink with the picture but I love movies based on real stories so I'm prepared to forgive and the story of Dian Fossey is nothing short of amazing. I couldn't see myself living that sort of life and the way she died is also worthy of admiration although it's a shame that her life was cut short like that. I now want to read her book of the same name on which the movie is obviously based. Reading about her today I also realized something...I met and sat down to dinner with Jane Goodall at her actual home in Bournemouth - an amazing big mansion which I remember didn't look luxurious at all in fact it was quite the opposite but full of amazing books and her office full of pictures of her and these various famous people like Nelson Mandela and Marlon Brando - anyway the point of this little detour in my story is that whilst Dian Fossey was renowned for her study of gorillas, Jane Goodall is a chimpanzee expert and obviously continues to fact they were born two years apart...but these people have had such amazing lifestyles and achieved something so incredible. I am waaaaaaaay too selfish for that shit...and way too high I'm just going to read the books and watch the films instead. This post is done.

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