Monday, 29 March 2010

Blood and Oil

Stumbled upon this powerful series tonight, I didn't watch it from the very start but when I did start to watch I was instantly gripped. Maybe because the scene was so powerful it was impossible to look away. The story goes like this...this woman's husband who works for an oil comapny in the Niger Delta is kidnapped, we are told that negotiations have been going on and he together with a few other hostages will be released...when the pick up is supposed to happen, the wife is persuaded to go along but then....the hostages are all found shot and hanged... Naomi Harris plays the role of the PR expert assigned to help spin the situation. Jodhi May plays the wife who falls apart trying to deal with the trauma. Together they want to find out what has truly happened. The acting is absolutely amazing, so powerful and emotional and I'm not usually for powerful political dramas but this one had me gripped from the start and I look forward to the next episode tomorrow night. BBC2, 9PM be there or be square.

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