Monday, 15 March 2010

DJ Mamy

Could this be the coolest granny that ever lived?! I think so... DJ Mamy/Mamy Rock or just plain Ruth Flowers up until recently, was just another ordinary granny, retired, know run of the mill old person stylee...until one fateful night when she was out with her grandson checking out the party scene in London - they didn't even want to let her in apparently - she had one of those epiphany moments, the music, the lights, the people...she realized this was what she wanted to do with her life. Shortly after , her grandson introduced her to a friend who was the director/producer whom would transform Ruth Flowers to Mamy Rock. He gave her this new identity and gave her a new light. Now she is the coolest DJ in the world, djing the hottest parties in London and Cannes Film festival to name but a few...pretty amazing hey?! I wouldn't mind being a cool granny one day...I'm already thinking of a name, DJ! Check out the cool trainers, I'm pretty jealous!

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