Sunday, 14 March 2010

Primrose Hill times

Ok so I've decided to become less of a recluse at the weekend and since the weather is going to get nicer and nicer - me hopes - there's plenty of London to be revisited or discovered and today was that sort of day, ending up in Primrose Hill. We started in this little shop full of cute antics from jewelery to furniture stuff to even old playboy magazines...of course everything was disgustingly expensive cause it is Primrose Hill after all...then we sampled some local produce, the cheese and the sausages were yummy - such an animal - after which we decided to actually get some proper food and ended up in this lovely Turkish place and had some typical stuff in fact the type of food we ate reminded me so much of being on holiday that all I kept thinking of was how cool it would be if after lunch we could go for a walk down the beach...aaaaahhh holiday timessss are the best...after stuffing our faces we went for a little walk and since you can't really have a walk without a cake these days we stopped in this cute little place called Lanka which apparently used to be a clothes shop but is now home to the cutest cakes ever served by the nicest staff too...and after that it was pretty much going up on the hill and enjoying the London views with the rest of the mortals...except everyone was so much better looking and more sophisticated like yaaah, with the tiniest dogs, at least three of basically today was fun! Come back next week when I'll be sharing my adventures in the mother land...haha not really, well I am going home for the weekend...maybe I'll do a little post about that after never know...I think it's the sugar talking now so I'll just turn in. Enjoy the pics!

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