Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bank Holiday movie Marathon

So the bank holiday weekend which has just sadly ended - always too short for my liking - means that when I wasn't sleeping or eating...I was watching movies. A lot of them in fact. I started early on Thursday with Anvil - rock documentary very good and quite emotional in places - followed by the weird and dark but brilliant fest that is Mullholland Drive - will have to watch this one a few times I think -. Then Friday came a proper trip to the cinema to watch Kick Ass and it was gooooooooooooood, I absolutely loved it and I got myself a new hero in the shape of the cute and adorable Chloe Grace Moretz she is boss in this ok plus she's born on the 10th of February like myself so that gives her instant cool points. Nicholas Cage is really good in this too and I especially liked the way his character spoke. But brilliant movie all around, very entertaining and I would actually go and see it again. On Saturday it was Brick Lane's turn to get me all sad and gooey inside, lovely story and I'm quite entertaining the idea of reading the book on which it based on but I'm not 100% sure but I was glad to have seen it. Sunday night it was time for something more light hearted in the shape of oddball comedy Raising Arizona, a film which I had wanted to see in a long time. Nicolas Cage once again in splendid form and looking quite fancy-able might I add cause he's all young and skinny looking and finally yesterday an impromptu visit to the cinema meant I got to see A Prophet French film, very gritty and violent but very good thus wrapping up things nicely I think, overall a good mix there of drama, thriller, action, comedy....all good things.... and there you have it my Easter Bank Holiday weekend...yeeeeeeey!

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