Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Beach House

I want her necklace
I've been listening to this band for a few weeks now thanks mostly to this beautiful song which is easily my favorite from their album Teen Dream - which has now been appointed the album to listen to this summer - but I had been so ignorant about the actual band till a few days ago when I found out that the singer is in fact a girl!!! I was convinced that voice was a guy's...but I'm now even more impressed because I just think this is one of the most unique vocals I have heard in a while. Fresh from checking out Marianne Faithfull's Broken English and again thinking this is the most amazing voice ever....in comes Victoria Legrand with her dreamy pop, cool name and awesome heritage to make me wish once more I had been born somewhere in France to chain smoking neglecting actor/photographer/musician/artist extraordinaire parents...but alas I was not and instead will have to keep dreaming that scenario. But seriously, Beach House, Teen Dream is a little revelation for me, a beautiful album that well deserves to be in the mainstream. Check it out and oh yeah Happy Easter everyone!

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