Saturday, 1 May 2010

Banana Loves...

This video for Temper Trap's Love Lost. It is pretty much the only song I've listened to from their album after the ubiquitous  Sweet Disposition was literally forced down my throat at every opportunity, every ad campaign humanly possible, movie soundtracks, background song to some sort of sad but with a happy ending name it. I did warm up to it in the end so I guess it worked but this song has been my favourite from the first time I listened to it. Add to that a genius video by my new hero - I've decided yesterday - Dougal Wilson who's work I have featured on here although I didn't know at the time it was by him hence the recent decision to appoint him as my creative deity of sorts...

Anyway, the reason why I love this video so much is that a bunch of geeky kids with questionable athletic abilities have been round up and made into some kind of heroes...the trial and tribulation journey that is so often love has been summed up into one seemingly continuous/clever shot featuring some running, stretching, other warm up exercises, jumping into some muddy potholes, a clearly frustrated trainer, some pyrotechnics all wittily choreographed, whilst all the time maintaining eye contact and singing into the camera in slow mo of course... absolute genius. Mr Wilson seems quite fond of this concept since he used a similar technique for Bat for Lashes' video What's A Girl to Do this time featuring some very strange creatures of the night on bikes...

The retro colouring is a nice touch too and as always with ideas like these I wonder what the pitching process must have been like, how do you present this concept and convince your client that this is going to be awesome!!! 
Perhaps with his reputation, Wilson doesn't have to convince anyone anymore, he's got the back catalogue to prove his point.

Anyway, enjoy!

Another reason why this man is a creative God

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