Sunday, 16 May 2010

Banana Ponders

Joanna Coles - editor of American Marie Claire - high profile magazine editors all seem to have a bob for some reason...
I'm not sure exactly when I've turned the corner but I have become slightly fashion obsessed these days and have developed a huge glossy magazines habit of late. Whilst I don't ponder daily on what outfit to wear, how to best accessorize it, what bag goes better with my complexion that sort of thing you can always find me checking out other people's sartorial choices especially at rush hour on the tube. I even have the regular faces that I always catch at the same carriage and if you could hear my inner monologue voice sometimes it would go something like this "nah I don't really like her outfit today"..."hhhmmm not sure about her hair like that"...oooh I really like her bag I wonder where it's from"...that sort of thing.
I've also become a huge consumer of various fashion blogs mostly the ones I hear about on Tv or the aforementioned fashion magz although it's scary how quickly you can get lost in the amount of info you inevitably stumble blog leads to another and so's hard to decide which one to follow but it's all fun anyway and checking out the latest posts has become almost synonymous with my routine in the morning. Tea/coffee just seems to taste better with the latest gossip/fashion trends All that and I have started fantasizing about working for a fashion magazine, or at least I'd like to see what it would be like and if I'd be any good at it. I am under no illusion how competitive it all is but it seems to be the case with literally everything nowadays. I'm still working on the perfect cover letter to send out to magazine editors in the hope that I'll secure some work experience The Devil Wears Prada and Running in Heels are the only two examples I can go on - currently debating purchasing The September Issue - and considering and assuming that both of them are highly dramatized/staged versions of this elusive reality of the fashion glossies...for all I know it could be a lot worse...or not...having said that, I've been reading about Joanna Coles, editor of American Marie Claire - who came to my attention after I had started watching Running in Heels - and she's slowly becoming a role model for me in terms of her career and the path she has taken. She seems like a very determined and stern lady and I think I would love to be her assistant and learn the craft...working for a magazine publication in New York just has a better ring to it don't you think?! I'll settle for London though, there's plenty of ground to cover over here I'm sure. Anyway I'm not even sure why I started writing all this. It must be the miserable weather and the fact that I'm ill again and I just felt like rambling on...I want Joanna's job basically can someone arrange that for me, thanks!

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