Saturday, 1 May 2010

Banana Style

Last weekend I twice watched one of my favourite movies of all times, and what I believe to be the ultimate romantic comedy. Annie Hall directed by Woody Allen and starring the lovable Diane Keaton. I think this movie is absolute genius. It's witty and so close to reality, unsurprisingly since it's loosely based on their real life on - off relationship, it's charming and heartbreaking but ultimately a fun and unforgettable film. Apart from the amazing performance by both actors really but especially Keaton, there are other reasons why I adore this movie and one of them is the fashion. I love the retro wardrobe that everyone these days is trying to emulate. Women back then just had a totally different vibe about them, so effortlessly elegant and chic. Annie's wardrobe was heavily influenced by Diane Keaton's own style which is very masculine and androgynous driven. Having been a tomboy all my life I absolutely love this look and any excuse to wear my beloved brogues is cause for celebration. I am currently on the look out for the perfect casual tailored trouser either a navy colour or the classic sand colour as seen on Diane but I have to say it's all proving quite difficult since I am very picky. I see them everyday on girls walking around Oxford Street or Soho but I just can't seem to find my very own. Anyway, below are some of my favourite things associated with this look.
This is my favourite look and it even features the already omnipresent cloggs which I'm not particularly a big fan of but they do look good with this outfit. I love the roomy trousers and the one size bigger feel to the top which is perfect for a little frame like mine.
A more grown up/smarter look here
I am obsessed with stripes...I literally can't resist anything with stripes on and once again I love the loose fit of this top which could work well with a pair of baggy trousers and black and white loafers for that monochrome look
The trench...such a classic staple in any woman's wardrobe but I love this cropped version, I find it very chic with a bit of an edge to it.
The fedora is so versatile and a straw one could well complete this look but obviously not limited to it.
Although not technically a brogue this type of shoe could work also. The buckle detail is great and the deep brown colour is pretty gorgeous too.
I love brogues I could buy them everyday if I could and have one in every colour.
I love this bag, great vintage look and in instant feature to any outfit

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