Monday, 3 May 2010

First May Bank Holiday 2010

I love the blossom trees and since they been battered by the wind the flowers have been scattered all over the ground and I think it looks sooooooo pretty. I couldn't take loads of pictures since it's such a quiet neighborhood I already felt like such a weirdo.

The local park where I go running is usually full of parents and their kiddies but this weekend apart from the odd dog walker, the park was pretty empty. It was nice though

As it customary in British tradition that with any bank holiday weekend the weather will be absolutely crap, this one didn't stray from  convention and the Gail winds and relentless rain were all out in force...we all knew this was going to be the case anyway but what can you do, Mother Nature decides to shit all over us you either choose to go out at your own peril or stay indoors and indulge in whatever activity you see fit. I did a lot of cooking and enjoyed myself in doing so since I hadn't done it in absolute ages, I watched some TV, went to the park for a run - the odd hour when it didn't rain - did a lot of sleeping and erm generally took it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay eeeeeeasy!

These are some pictures from the weekend.

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