Friday, 14 May 2010


I have been excited about this film ever since I first got word that Cristopher Nolan had a new project in the pipeline. Since he took over the Batman franchise I have become a firm fan and Memento is now clearly a good reference point for what kind of mind this man has. If you had trouble figuring that one out I reckon Inception is just that one extra step above it. I knew the special effects were going to be out of this world and this latest trailer just proves it. I had to watch it several times, I am that excited, I reckon this could be The Matrix of 2010.

Featuring three of my favourite guys ever, Leo Dicaprio who's firmly cemented his place in my heart ever since Revolutionary Road - I totally felt he should've at least been nominated for an Oscar for that role - , Cillian Murphy the Irish man with the prettiest face ever and Joseph Gordon Levitt whom I still hope to meet one day and have him fall head over hills in love with me...and I suppose I should mention Tom Hardy as well, I mean I did go on about him intensively at one point in my life but I guess I've moved on and he needs to know that you know...anyway I can not wait to get my little self at a cinema near me this Summer and maybe accidentally bump into Mr. Levitt walking around Soho like last year when he was in town promoting 500 days Of Summer...hhhhmmm maybe fate will bring us together again...

Anyway it's all about Inception and I really do hope it won't be a massive let down.

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