Monday, 10 May 2010

Yvette Inufio

It's mainly because of beautiful images like this that I sometimes wish I had studied photography. So evocative and a touch of melancholy in there amidst the hazy light and pastel colours. Almost a longing for days gone by... But I'll be the first one to admit that such technicalities as exposure and aperture never stick with me long enough and I constantly have to ask my friend Pete "how does that go again...?!" and he has to recap over and over again...I have however recently asked for some expert advice on purchasing a sort of SLR - at some point in the future - that would be fool proof or Oana proof - perhaps same thing here - my main criteria being, something easy to use, not too expensive, something that would make me look oh so cool and interesting and almost French art studenty type of thing...Pete's response?! "Oh God..." I do however plan on acquiring, in the nearer future, a Diana camera and start playing with that. There's something instantly elegant and timeless about film photography, almost that extra bit special and with the warm colours and the haziness that I love so much, I look forward to taking some great photos for the family album. Anyway, here' some snaps I really like.

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