Friday, 18 June 2010

Banana Rates...

No one can ever accuse these guys of not being creative with their videos. Another great effort from OK Go the song is pretty good too, I like it a lot but the video made me smile...the goose who keeps following them around is too funny.

Banana Sort of Likes...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Never Let Me Go


Saw this trailer yesterday and became really intrigued by it. Based on the novel of the same name by Kazuo Ishiguro, the man responsible for writing The Remains of The Day which was also adapted into a film, an Academy Award nominated film no less starring Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins

Back to Never Let Me Go, starring Carey Mulligan and Kiera Knightley amongst other British heavy weights...looks quite bleak which, as anybody who can say they know me even a tiny little bit, will know that there's nothing I like more than a really depressing movie...I'm quite interested in reading the book as well and the rest of his novels for that matter. I think I may have just found a favourite author. Never had one of those before.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Banana Likes...

This cool little spot titled You Tube Play from the animation powerhouse that is Nexus Productions directed by Johnny Kelly.

I think it's quite cute and clever and true to form well executed.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Preguntas Hermosas

A story about a time that was shared between two people...about love and loss...simply beautiful work.

By Superfad

Preguntas Hermosas from Süperfad on Vimeo.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Banana Likes...

Came across this little beauty today, a spot by Pleix for Amnesty International, completely CG generated...ain't that just cool beans?! And as I like to do when I find new cool shit, which is I go and explore it and see what other cool shit there is on say.... something like a company website...I find out that these guys were responsible for another video which I put up here on my blog, called Piu with little animated cute birds that fly and make sweet sounds which kinda ties in nicely with my current obsession and ruler of my life, the Angry Birds game app on my not so shiny anymore Iphone. And then, there's this other video with lots of dogs in slow motion to the sweet sound of Vitalic...surely this could be passed on as canine soft porn...and the weird thing is that I enjoyed watching that!!! So what does that make me? Anyway, check out this French collective - of course what else - that is Pleix at:

Abbey Watkins

Don't you just hate it when younger people seem to have the guts and creative prowess to carve a name for themselves in this increasingly competitive industry which seems to be saturated with fashion illustrators of all sorts...well I am...this young lady by the name of Abbey Watkins is busy doing just that in between finishing her degree and working on her blog Tobacco and Leather. You can definitely see an emerging talent shining through although her images are not always the best compositions but feck she's only young, still has a lot of time to shape and perfect her unique style and I'm sure it's not the last we'll hear of her. Check out her blog at:

Friday, 11 June 2010

Banana Reads...

Finally managed to finish East of Eden, took me waaaaaaaaaaaay too long to get through that book, damn that Angry Birds game for taking over my life sometimes...although I do love it.

But anyway, glad I read such a classic book, truly great story and now on to the next one...Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Started this little deedee yesterday and so far it's quite promising. I suppose in a way it's one of those much loathed self help books but somehow this one seems less patronizing andactually filled with great information and anecdotes to help anyone who's on their path to self development.

I think I came across it at the right time in my life.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


It's barely been on the internet for like a day and it has already been viewed more than 3 million times...not bad eh?!
Channeling a part Madonna part Willy Wonka but mostly Madonna really look, Lady Gaga strikes again with another elaborate video, precise choreography and some extra crazy moves of the sexual's what we've come to expect really isn't it?!

I quite like this video I have to say and I haven't liked one of Gaga's videos in a looooong time...mildly tolerated them yes but nothing more....this?! this is good, me likey!

Ale Ale Alejandroooooooo....

ALEJANDRO from lecritikeur on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Banana Likes...

This spot by Fallon directed by Baillie Walsh, will air tonight on Channel 4 at 8.30 apparently. From what I've seen some people are not impressed at all with this latest Cadbury advertising effort, some accusing plagiarism of the Kate Moss hologram for Alexander McQueen - it was directed by the same guy though soooo... - others saying that it looks pretty but doesn't really sell the product...I don't know I'm somewhere in between I guess, I like it but then you get the feeling that sometimes you're watching some weird underwater creature stretching...The stills look amazing though as do the close up shots but from a distance it doesn't really work I don't think would've been nice if the fabric had been silk or something to really give it that luxurious/slippery quality/look...meh you get the idea.

Dancing on My Own

Robyn 'Dancing On My Own' (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Banana About Town

Because words can be too much sometimes...and talk is cheap anyways, I'll let a little collection of photos from the past week to do the trick and all the talking...
One thing I have to mention though is that I have now been in London for 4 years and last week was the first time I went past the famous Downing Street...FACT!!! Crazy I know!

Banana Lusts After...

This Parisian haven...Ok I know I've been pretty rubbish updating my personal portal but life seems to have taken a turn for the stressful lately and time/inspiration have been hard to come by. This month announces itself to be pretty manic though which mean that stress levels will reach an all time high right before I go on holiday so I guess that kinda works out in a way...but I ain't very good at dealing with the stress and drama in my life so in the hope that my fragile psyche should hold on until I go away I'll try and keep this place updated as much as I can.

So today whilst I was relishing the thought of a nervous breakdown - not really obviously - I came across pictures of this lovely place in Paris but of course...designed by Jean-Christophe Aumas art director for the likes of John Galliano, Chloe and Diptyque. This is almost like someone looking into my brain in the "dream house" partition and basically printing the stuff they saw. I love this place, it's so chic with the right touches of retro and quirky. All the little details make for such a charming environment where you could always find something stimulating and interesting...there's a playful quality that shines through as well and again that's from the little touches, all the objects placed at random or so it would seem but which somehow come together in a perfect fashion and put a smile on a place that presents itself in an immaculate way and otherwise quite austere. 

Everything about this place screams "my dream home" to me and the fact that it's in Paris well...that just brings it up an extra notch.
Someone please pay for me so I can live in Paris, even if it's just for one year!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Alors on Danse

Because I couldn't let the 1st of June pass without a tiny post on my blog just to mark the occasion y'a know?!

But this is a great little find...or suggestion really...loving the song and the video...damn...French rapping never sounded so good I gotta tell ya! Enjoying this beat a lot.

stromae - alors on danse (official videoclip) from jerome guiot on Vimeo.