Monday, 14 June 2010

Banana Likes...

Came across this little beauty today, a spot by Pleix for Amnesty International, completely CG generated...ain't that just cool beans?! And as I like to do when I find new cool shit, which is I go and explore it and see what other cool shit there is on say.... something like a company website...I find out that these guys were responsible for another video which I put up here on my blog, called Piu with little animated cute birds that fly and make sweet sounds which kinda ties in nicely with my current obsession and ruler of my life, the Angry Birds game app on my not so shiny anymore Iphone. And then, there's this other video with lots of dogs in slow motion to the sweet sound of Vitalic...surely this could be passed on as canine soft porn...and the weird thing is that I enjoyed watching that!!! So what does that make me? Anyway, check out this French collective - of course what else - that is Pleix at:

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