Monday, 7 June 2010

Banana Lusts After...

This Parisian haven...Ok I know I've been pretty rubbish updating my personal portal but life seems to have taken a turn for the stressful lately and time/inspiration have been hard to come by. This month announces itself to be pretty manic though which mean that stress levels will reach an all time high right before I go on holiday so I guess that kinda works out in a way...but I ain't very good at dealing with the stress and drama in my life so in the hope that my fragile psyche should hold on until I go away I'll try and keep this place updated as much as I can.

So today whilst I was relishing the thought of a nervous breakdown - not really obviously - I came across pictures of this lovely place in Paris but of course...designed by Jean-Christophe Aumas art director for the likes of John Galliano, Chloe and Diptyque. This is almost like someone looking into my brain in the "dream house" partition and basically printing the stuff they saw. I love this place, it's so chic with the right touches of retro and quirky. All the little details make for such a charming environment where you could always find something stimulating and interesting...there's a playful quality that shines through as well and again that's from the little touches, all the objects placed at random or so it would seem but which somehow come together in a perfect fashion and put a smile on a place that presents itself in an immaculate way and otherwise quite austere. 

Everything about this place screams "my dream home" to me and the fact that it's in Paris well...that just brings it up an extra notch.
Someone please pay for me so I can live in Paris, even if it's just for one year!

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