Monday, 27 September 2010

Banana Attends

I Am Arrows gig @ Barfly, Camden

My social outings are so few and far between these days that any opportunity to interact with other human beings is literally grabbed on to so furiously, clenched teeth and all...and so I absolutely relished last Friday evening at Barfly in Camden where I Am Arrows - ex Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows solo project - were headlining. I hadn't been to that venue in ages as well so it was definitely a bit of an event for me. 

Support on the night was provided by an excellent band called Sketches who sounded a lot like Jeff Buckley in places but the night was to belong to I Am Arrows as they were rounding off a very successful U.K tour. The thing about it is that I've had their album for a while just never listened to it, I even have it on my iPhone and never put it when I'm on the tube or whatever...sometimes I can be quite an ignorant human being. Anywhoo, serves me right because as I was listening to the songs being played I constantly kept saying how good they sound and why oh why hadn't I been told - which I had, so that's annoying - about them all this time; why didn't anyone make me listen to this, it's so good...not to worry as I slapped myself afterward, ok maybe I didn't but what I have done is I have been listening to Sun Comes Up Again continuously since then and I can honestly say it's one of my favourite albums of this year; such a great record with wonderful melodies and carefully constructed harmonies from clearly accomplished musicians who could've been my summer companions if only...aaah never mind about that. If you loved Fleet Foxes  think of this as an unashamedly poppy cousin with the same sensibilities but that touch more playful and fun and a more upbeat outlook on life in general.

The gig was great and it isn't often that I get to love an album after absolutely loving the live performance but sometimes it happens so brownie points there and extra brownie points for doing a wonderful rendition of one of my favourite songs ever, Wonderful Life by Black with the help of another famous musician friend Tom Smith, lead singer with The Editors and Edith Bowman's fella - she was also there providing support and I was surprised to discover how tiny she actually is in real life - but seriously hearing that song being performed the way it was, was quite a special experience for me and the room was buzzing with everyone joining in and singing away. Great moment in my life and a good way to start the weekend. 

So I urge you to check out this band and to not make the same mistake I did. To help you, I've provided a link to a video of theirs that should in theory bring a playful smile to your face and make you want to dance your cute little sock off.

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